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Berry Bros. & Rudd Collective #1: The Pioneers

12th September 2023
Berry Bros. & Rudd Collective #1: The Pioneers is a series of ten bottling's to showcase the sustainable talents of spirit producers from around the globe, the Collective #1: The Pioneers launches with 9 whiskies and a Cognac.

Berry Bros. & Rudd Collective #1: The Pioneers

British wine and spirits purveyor, Berry Bros. & Rudd, has unveiled an exciting initiative known as "The Collective." This annual endeavour unites a community of like-minded distillers who share a profound passion for their craft.

The inaugural edition of The Collective, titled "#1: The Pioneers," places the spotlight firmly on the "Pioneers in Sustainability" within the spirits industry. It shines a light on ten exceptional distillers who have wholeheartedly embraced the twin objectives of crafting outstanding spirits and safeguarding the future of our planet.

In a remarkable display of this commitment, Berry Bros. & Rudd isintroducing a collection of ten distinct bottling's. Each of these bottles serves as a testament to the sustainable expertise of spirit producers hailing from diverse corners of the world.

The ten bottling's and distillers who produced them are:

  • Agitator 2018 Single Malt Swedish Whisky 57.7% ABV RRP £125 - Oskar Bruno
  • Arbikie 2017 Single Grain Scotch Whisky 58.3% ABV RRP £125 - John Stirling
  • Ardnamurchan 2017 Single Malt Scotch Whisky 59.7% ABV RRP £125 - Alex Bruce
  • Belgrove 2016 Single Rye Tasmanian Whisky 61.1% ABV RRP £125 - Peter Bignell
  • Glen Wyvis 2018 Quarter Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky 53.9% ABV RRP £125 - Matthew Farmer
  • Jean-Luc Pasquet 2017 Petit Champagne Cognac 40% ABV RRP £75 - Jean & Amy Pasquet
  • Oxford Artisan 2019 Single Rye English Whisky 54.5% ABV RRP £125 - John Letts
  • Ncínean 2017 Single Malt Scotch Whisky 57.3% ABV RRP £125 - Annabel Thomas
  • Shortcross 2017 Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey 55.1% ABV RRP £125 - David & Fiona Boyd-Armstrong
  • Westland 2014 Madeira Finish Single Malt American Whisky 53% ABV RRP £125 - Matt Hoffman

Every bottle has undergone a meticulous curation process led by Jonny McMillan, the Spirits Reserve Whisky Manager at Berry Bros. & Rudd. He worked hand in hand with Mr. Lyan, a trailblazing figure in the drinks industry and the recipient of numerous prestigious bartending accolades. Mr. Lyan's values align seamlessly with those of Berry Bros. & Rudd, emphasising a shared commitment to sustainability, an unwavering passion for exceptional spirits, and a deep reservoir of knowledge in these domains.

Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits Reserve Manager, Jonny McMillan, commented: "There is no set path on the sustainability journey, nor one single solution. The beauty of Collective #1 : The Pioneers is that each distiller has taken a different approach to sustainability, with the strength being in the diversity and combination of practices, making a whole entity, with continuous learning's.

"We looked to find a broad spectrum of producers from various traditions of whisky and cognac making with each distiller taking a slightly different approach to sustainability, some focusing on soil health and regenerative farming, others on lowering energy use or green power. For each distiller there is a different solution that fits the location and character of their distillery, together they form a great overview of whatís going on with environmentally pioneering producers."

Lizzy Rudd, Berry Bros. & Rudd Chair, added: "As a family business with a long history, the notion of sustainability is a natural part of our ethos and our long-term mindset, a key to our resilience and longevity. The purpose of business is fast becoming defined by its impact rather than the products or services it sells.

"Today, the most important decisions we face are about how to reduce our impact on the planet now, and in the future. This is why our goal is to be net zero carbon and plastic free by 2030.

"Our producers are the best in the world at what they do. Like us, they believe that protecting our planet is the only way to ensure the future of fine wine and spirits. We believe that, together with our producers, we can improve practices around the use of water, energy and plastic.

"We are not just a business, we are family, a family who are the custodians of a legacy for future generations."

The spirits featured in The Collective #1 : The Pioneers have been sourced from across the globe, from countries including America, England, France, Ireland, Sweden, Tasmania, and the undisputed homeland of whisky, Scotland.

Each whisk(e)y from The Collective #1 is priced at £125.00 and cognac at £75.00, available to purchase from 27th September 2023 from Berry Bros. & Rudd and f
rom specialist online whisky shops such as Master of Malt

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