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Whisky The Perfect Christmas Accompaniment

3rd December 2009
A dram of wisdom from a whisky expert for Christmas food and drink combinations.

We all know that champagne sets off canapés perfectly, and that white wine and fish is the perfect partnership, but how many of us know what foods should be consumed with whisky?

Made from malted barley, water and yeast, single malt whiskies like The Balvenie have long been drunk in the festive season. But it’s not just an after-dinner drink – whisky complements starters, main courses and desserts equally well, as long as you pair it up correctly.

Different aged whiskies work better with some dishes than others and in the video below our guests explain how to get the best out of a whisky during all courses, from a smoked-salmon starter to the after-dinner chocolates. How much water, if any, should you add to your glass? What do the aromas tell you about the whisky, and how can they enhance the flavour of food?

In the following video, The Balvenie whisky expert Andrew Forrester guides you through the best dishes to pair various whiskies with, ensuring that the enjoyment of your Christmas dram doesn’t have to begin once the meal is over.


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