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Ballantine’s Unveil First Light Expression - Ballantine's Light 20°

26th January 2021
Ballantine's enters the whisky spirit marketplace with the launch of the 20% ABV Ballantine's Light 20°.

Ballantine's Light 20°Ballantine's has entered the the whisky spirit marketplace with the release of Ballantine's Light 20°, their first ‘light’ expression and lower-ABV spirit drink which contains half the alcohol by volume of their standard Ballantine's Finest Scotch blended whisky.

Launching exclusively in Spain from this month, Ballantine’s Light is a 20% ABV spirit drink aimed at the growing number of spirit drinkers who want to cut down their alcohol consumption and drink more mindfully, without missing out on the social enjoyment of a drink shared with others.

Ballantine's say that the new Ballantine's Light spirit drink expression has been crafted by the blending team led by Ballantine’s Master Blender Sandy Hyslop, after months of experimentation with different whisky bases and interestingly "additional flavours" which would not be permitted in the production of whisky. This would suggest that the additional flavourings make up for the natural whisky flavour which is missing when it is reduced to 20% ABV which confirms what all knowledgeable already know, when you reduce the ABV, you reduce the intensity of the flavour.

The new spirit drink is specially designed to deliver on taste even at a lower ABV, with the result, Ballantine's says, being a high-quality, lower-alcohol alternative with distinct citrussy aromas and all the depth of character of the Ballantine’s range.

Sandy Hyslop, our Master Blender, commented: "We wanted to offer Scotch fans an alternative, more mindful drinking option, and were inspired by our founder George Ballantine who, as early as 1827, was innovating and breaking conventional codes of whisky.

"Ballantine’s drinkers are known for their great taste, so we worked tirelessly to ensure that Ballantine’s Light would be light in nothing but alcohol. The result is a lower-ABV expression that is full of flavour – and unmistakeably Ballantine’s – and reaffirms our belief that there’s no wrong way to enjoy Ballantine’s".

Ballantine’s Light offers the balanced fruity and floral notes typical of Ballantine’s signature style, but delivers fresher notes of juicy green apple, as well as a citrussy zing with aromas of pink grapefruit and orange zest. It is designed to be enjoyed in the same way as your full-strength Ballantine’s – whether neat, on the rocks, with a mixer or in a cocktail.

Ballantine’s Light is bottled at 20% ABV (at half the ABV of Ballantine’s Finest) and will be available exclusively in Spain from this month at EUR 12,45.

You will also find the current Ballantine's whisky range available from specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop and Master of Malt

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