American Bourbon Whiskey and Tennessee Whiskies

American Tennessee and Bourbon Whiskey

Many Scotch Whisky lovers tend to say American Bourbon Whiskies are not quite to their taste without even giving them much of a chance. If those Scotch drinkers would only give Bourbons more of a chance they would probably be pleasantly surprised.

Bourbons have a very strong vanilla flavour, as like all American Whiskey they are matured in new white oak casks which are naturally high in vanillins.

To be a true Bourbon Whiskey, it must be produced in the United States not just Bourbon County as many wrongly assume.

However Tennessee Whiskey must be produced in Tennessee. The Tennessee Whiskies tends to have more of a sweetness to them than Bourbon this is probably due to the production method of being filtered through a bed of sugar maple charcoal which adds flavour and colouring to the whiskey.

American Whiskeys

Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey has got to be the worlds best known and loved out of all the Tennessee whiskies and with good reason. This is a fine introduction to American Whiskeys.
Jim Beam
Jim Beam whiskey holds all the qualities that any Bourbon drinker likes. Big aroma, sweet flowery tones and rather long finish. Very brisk, refreshing style.
Wild Turkey
This Bourbon is a king amongst its kind. Full bodied but with a neat finish. Wild Turkey also produce a Rye which is notable for its smoothness.
Makers Mark
A very popular full bodied Bourbon with some delicacy in its follow through.
Old Kentucky
A lovely bourbon, with a nose of dark chocolate and maple syrup, tastes of dark chocolate and rum with a long and syrupy finish.
George Dickel
Spicy toffee and walnut nose with a whiff of charcoal. A slightly sweet medium bodied whiskey. Finishes with caramel flavour, and a spicy follow through. An extroverted Tennessee whisky.
Ancient Age
Ancient Age Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is one of America's best Bourbons. Ancient Age is known for its fine, smooth, mellow whiskey.
Evan Williams
This is a straight forward, classic full bodied Bourbon with a lingering flavour.
Johnny Drum
Handmade in the heart of the Bluegras, Kentucky's famous Bourbon country. Yielding a bouquet, character and taste found only in this Bourbon.
Early Times
A light sweet Bourbon. A good choice if you are not especially a Bourbon drinker.
Old Fitzgerald
This is a full bodied Bourbon, very smooth and elegant. Could be compared to the Dalwhinnie Malt.
I W Harper
A light bodied Bourbon with slight hints of sweetness and slow warmth in the follow through.

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