Adelphi Whisky Independent Bottler

Adelphi Whisky Independent Bottler

Founded in 1826, the Adelphi Distillery is one of Scotlandís most acclaimed independent bottlers of single casks of rare malt whisky.

The Adelphi Distillery was built in 1826 on the banks of the River Clyde in what is now the heart of Glasgow. The two acre site had been an orchard, fronted by a wharf, and by the 1880's, when Archibald Walker bought the company, it was one of the most advanced and productive distilleries in Scotland.

In 1993, the great-grandson of Archibald Walker, Jamie, revived the Adelphi name as an independent bottler. Jamie was determined not to sacrifice quality for volume, and he was equally adamant that this should be continued when he sold the company in 2004.

Under new ownership, Adelphi continues to bottle straight from the finest casks without colouring or chill filtration.

Why Choose Adelphi

  • Adelphi whisky is bottled direct from a single cask. These casks have been selected from the top 10% of casks filled by the single malt distillery.
  • The whisky is at cask strength meaning it is stronger than proprietary brands (usually bottled at 40%). Adelphi malts start at around 50% by volume.
  • The whisky is NOT chill filtered as we feel that this would spoil the unique taste of a single cask bottling. This does mean that when water is added, it will go slightly cloudy.
  • The whisky is NOT coloured in any way as the natural colour gives a better idea of what type of cask it has been in and caramel would affect the taste of the whisky.
  • No dilution has taken place until the customer adds water which then releases the flavour. We recommend up to three to one (water/whisky) but individual palates should be respected.
  • Single cask bottlings are very rare - ranging from 200-600 bottles from each cask. The taste cannot be repeated once a cask is finished.

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