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Millburn 1966 v Glenugie 1967 v Glendronach 1968 40-43% H2H

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 7:59 pm    Post subject: Millburn 1966 v Glenugie 1967 v Glendronach 1968 40-43% H2H Reply with quote

Tasted in this order

Milburn 1966 20 year sherry wood Sestante 40%
Glenigie 1967 22 year sherry wood Sestante 43%
Glendronach 1968 25 year sherry casks OB 43%

I have been drinking very little whisky of late, I had just gone off it a little but this H2H has rekindled my interest a trio of superb whiskies, all averaging 93 points so a dead heat.
All were excellent, one of the best H2H I have had for a long time
If I am honest I think I preferred the Millburn & Glenugie over the Glendronach and almost scored the Dronach one point lower but I felt that was a little unfair.
Its a dead heat 3 great whiskies, I am very happy Smile
Who needs cask strength whisky when there is lower abv quality around like these?

Tasting notes here

1 - Millburn 66

Slightly distant but its nice for sure and the first think I detect is blueberry which if I find in sherried whisky is always a good sign for me. Lots of dried fruits in the mix, and fruit cake, juicy currants and raisins, a very faint glue note but thankfully I do not think it detracts and then another wave of fruits, dark fruit gums basically, very nice.

Oh yes, this is good, there is a nice dose of spice, I also detect some peat, the dark fruit gum taste is definitely here and yes blueberry and bilberry, great stuff.
The spice note seems to grow , as does the peat but the fruit is between them adding great balance.
Some cake mix enters the fray, burnt orange and just a hint of wood.
Excellent, I think I am love again, this has given me my whisky mojo back.

Good medium length, remaining spicy, slightly peaty and very fruity ( dark fruits)

A whisky like this from a glorious old distillery really does blow out the water the argument that cask strength is better, although I would love to taste this at 50-55%.
The balance is perfect, there is nothing out of place, an example of perfection from the best of the 3 closed Inverness distilleries.
If you see a bottle of this my advice is buy it , even if you have to go into debt and starve for it.
Awesome and beautiful and the 40% strength really underlines the fact that a perfect cask is good at any strength

2 - Glenugie 1967

The first thing you get is spicy white fruits and a little, a good start.
Apricots (very nice), sponge cake, mango, stewed apple, apple sponge, yes this is good stuff.

This is a fizzy one, plenty of spice including a touch of white pepper, but is distant, a touch of grapefruit, bags of yellow & white fruit gums and then another wave of spice.
This is the sort of profile I really love and why I am big fan of this lost wonder of a distillery.
The fruit just keeps coming, apple, touch of peat, grapefruit, lemon, melon, awesome

Good length, remaining spicy to the end and then fruit keeps coming
A superb whisky, need to try the 67 & 68 Bird label sestante cask strengths again after this wonder but for only 43% this is excellent, great balance on show, hard to fault
A match for the best Springbanks in my view, high praise indeed but I love Glenugie end of.

3 - Glendronach 1968

This is quite rich, dried figs, dates, burnt twigs (in a good way), blackcurrant, blackberry, caramel cake, profiteroles, and then a bag of currants.

yeah, typical Glendronach, very rich, spicy, a basket of dark fruit, a little syrupy what else is there to say.
The fruit really comes through if you hold it in your mouth, lovely, and then a blast of spices mixed with peat so this really has got everything.
Lip smacking, very moreish, leaves you wanting more

The finish is top notch, seems to get sweeter , staying composed

There is no denying the quality on this one, I have always said that Glendronach at 18 -22 year has a sweet spot but this at 25 years is in the same bracket and this is much better than those old 38 -42 year OB by quite a distance.
Everything in harmony here.
Pour me a glass please.
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