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Teacher's Highland Cream: newbie taste notes

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:29 am    Post subject: Teacher's Highland Cream: newbie taste notes Reply with quote

Dear Gentlemen: after consulting the Forum, "Teacher's" (in between others) appeared as a recommended blended scotch.
Found it for only 6$ (750ml, Buenos Aires), including a promotional tumbler, so I bought it.
The bottle shape seems nice to me. I also like it is transparent. Maybe the "Teacher's" bas-reliefed over the lateral sides is a bit unrefined.
It's got a label just beneath the neck saying "produce of scotland" (black background and golden text) that looks completely out of the general design line to me.
The front label's ivory background's colour is my preferred. But its shape (straight rectangular with rounded corners) isn't elegant at all.
Just compare it with the "postage stamp" border of White Horse's one, for instance.
The label graphic design's all right, except for the lower part, where there is a black stripe and the texts "40%" and "750ml": it doesn't match at all!
The whole group (bottle, label, whisky) looks quite well from a mid-distance after all. It's proportions are optimum: not a minor achievement. I would say male proportions (just as the Doric style).

Teacher is the surname of Mr. William Teacher. Not a whisky to be taken to school.
(William seems it's in Scotland a popular name as "Jordi" -George- is in Barcelona).

From now on comes my opinion about the whisky, that cannot be taken seriously for I'm not an expert at all. I'll just describe my impressions as the newbie I am:

Colour's clear amber: light honey colour. I ike it.

First direct smell impact was pure medical alcohol. I insisted, and finally something appeared: it reminded me to the smell inside old damp rooms closed for very long time. Then afterwards, the smell of the noble wooden floor of that damp old room.
First dram's flavour was so intense I couldn't recognize anything although I kept it in my mouth for a while. Second and others just the same. A while afterwards it starts to remind me of White Horse's flavour, but maybe slightly bitter.
Let's add some water ("Villavicencio": argentinian's best): half of the whisky volume.
The old room smell appears much clearer. I insist, but nothing else except the room comes to my mind.
A bigger dram... but nothing special in the taste.
Then had some chips and salty cheese snacks, then another dram and... Oh! a gentle sweetness appeared! Maybe it is the "Cream" the name tells about! This single dram justifies the whole glass.

I conclude anyway that flowers, fruits, honey, prairie parfums, and the wind of Scotland are not included in my humble 6$ bottle (or maybe I'm not able to perceive them yet).
...But my wife arrives on saturday with -hopefully- a "The Balvenie Signature" (too newbie to deserve it?). Let's see then!
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Big Mac
Master Of Malts
Master Of Malts

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I hadn't had a bottle of Teachers for quite a few years now but was given a bottle as a gift today. After a couple or three nips from the the bottle and remembering seeing this thread on the forum i thought i would add my thoughts on it.

The high malt content is obvious compared to other Scotch whisky blends in this price range. The high malt content is apparent on the nose as is a slight smokyness, in the mouth the high malt content overpowers the sweet grain, and there is a lovely light creamy peatiness. A good length of finish for a blend with a fruity light smokiness. This blend more than deserves its high rating as a quality blend. If like me you havent had it for a while, go on give it a try you may be very pleasantly surpised.

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