Whisky Focus - BenRiach 30 Year Old Authenticus Review

BenRiach 30 Year Old Authenticus Review

28th November 2017
BenRiach 30 Year Old Authenticus the next instalment of the rare mature peated Speyside dram.

BenRiach 30 Year Old AuthenticusYou may have spotted this one on the shelves of the whisky shops already, The BenRiach 30 Year Old Authenticus is the latest addition to the Speyside distillery's peaty Authenticus series. This new 30 year old Authenticus replaces the 25 year old which had itself replaced the 21 year old Authenticus.

Having previously had the pleasure of the Authenticus 21 then 25 year old myself which were both outstanding whiskies, both of which had a delicious peaty dimension but the headline feature in both these malts was the mature oak and the oak certainly stepped up when the 25 replaced the 21 year old, where there was a noticeable increase in mature oak which just added to the enjoyment of the whisky.

I haven't had the chance to taste the new BenRiach 30 Year Old Authenticus but I would hazard a guess that we will once again see the mature oak contribution increase after another five years in the barrel.

What I can tell you is as with previous Authenticus expressions the new BenRiach 30 Year Old Authenticus has been bottled at 46% ABV, non chill filtered and at natural colour.

With the increasing popularity of peated Scotch whisky in recent years I have lost count of the Speyside distillery's which are now producing some peated batches of whisky to feed the demand from whisky enthusiasts to taste peated expressions from their favourite distilleries but very few Speyside distilleries have the luxury of having mature peated stock of this age maturing in their warehouses.

The reason BenRiach have peated whisky of this age is because back in the 1970s, BenRiach began distilling a proportion of its whisky using peated malted barley, marking a return to the original Speyside character and flavour of malts made during the nineteenth century. Today the distillery holds a rare inventory of peated Speyside single malt, dating as far back as 1975.

Research by leading whisky expert Charles MacLean indicates BenRiach was the first Speyside distillery to release a peated expression since WW2. This came in the form of the excellent BenRiach Curiositas 10 year old in 2004, which remains part of the core BenRiach peated range today. Since then, the distillery has experimented with peated wood finishes and the outstanding BenRiach Peated Cask Strength was released earlier this year, giving whisky enthusiasts the opportunity to experience a peated Speyside single malt in its most natural state.

The BenRiach 30 Year Old Authenticus is certainly one for those with deep pockets at 400 a bottle, you will find it available along with the current BenRiach whisky range available from specialist online whisky shops such as Master of Malt

BenRiach 30 Year Old Authenticus Review

Review added 7th December 2017.

William Morrison's Tasting Notes:

Nose: A lovely mild honey and vanilla sweetness is joined by some pineapple and pear. Some very gentle oak and smoke.

Taste: Creamy vanilla and melon, a little orange citrus, some milk chocolate, lovely smoke infused oak tannins and spice.

Finish: Long, touch of red liquorice and cocoa, lingering ashy cigar smoke infused oak tannins bitters out.

Comment: Some lovely exotic fruit on the nose which hides the smoke infused oak tannins and spice to come on the palate which start gently but build with each mouthful. The oak and spice are the headline notes on the palate and finish but there is a lovely touch of smoke and fruit adding to the pleasure.

SMW Score 89/100

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