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Tamdhu 120th Anniversary Archive Appeal

19th May 2017
Do you have any old Tamdhu photos, artefacts or even memories or stories that you could share? Then Tamdhu want to hear from you.

Tamdhu 120th Anniversary Archive Appeal

Do you have any old Tamdhu photos, artefacts or even memories or stories that you could share? If so the folks at the Tamdhu distillery would love to hear from you as they are seeking to build a brand archive and delve more deeply into the social history of the Tamdhu distillery's past.

The distillery is calling on you to help bring its history to life, as it marks its 120th anniversary. Sandy McIntyre, Tamdhu Distillery Manager, explains:

"Since the distillery was reopened in 2012 by Ian Macleod Distillers, Tamdhu has been growing in popularity all over the world, and people love hearing about the history of how our whisky is made, and the people who made it.

"We already have some brilliant archive material – for example, the wages log from way back in 1897, and the original distillery blueprints - but I know there must be lots more out there.

"We’re interested in hearing stories from those who have worked here and their friends and family, and will be collecting photographs and memorabilia, and anything else which people might have hidden away. And, as we are custodians of the old Tamdhu/Dalbeallie railway station, we’d also be thrilled to receive any stories or images relating to it. Our aim is to create an online archive which people can explore and maybe, in time, establish something here at the distillery too."

To share your Tamdhu stories and memorabilia, simply upload to the Tamdhu Facebook page or share on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #TamdhuTimes

The distillery was established on the banks of the River Spey back in 1897, at that time it was considered one of the most technologically-advanced distillery's around. Enthused by the optimism of Queen Victoria’s 1897 Diamond Jubilee, it was built by a consortium of merchants and gentlemen of the whisky trade who had raised today's equivalent of £20 million to fund the project. It was designed by Charles C Doig Esq - the pre-eminent distillery architect and engineer of the day.

Today Tamdhu is now in the custody of one of Scotland’s leading, independent family-owned distillers, Ian Macleod Distillers, who reopened the Speside distillery back in 2012. It is known for the hint of peat in its malted barley and of course its 100% exclusive use of only the finest sherry oak casks.

In recent times Tamdhu has began to get noticed by whisky drinkers and recent awards are no doubt a sign of the quality of whisky the distillery is turning out now under the watch of Ian Macleod Distillers, including a double Gold for its Tamdhu Batch Strength II and Tamdhu Ten Year Old at the International Spirits Challenge 2017, and Best Non Age Statement Whisky at the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival Awards 2017, also for Batch Strength II.

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