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Loch Lomond 50 Year Old

3rd October 2017
The Loch Lomond are set to release their oldest and rarest expression to date, a limited edition Loch Lomond 50 Year Old described as brimming with rich oak spice and tropical fruit.

The Loch Lomond distillery have just joined the elite 50 years plus whisky club with the announcement that they are set to release their oldest and rarest expression to date, a limited edition Loch Lomond 50 Year Old.

The rare Loch Lomond 50 Year Old was distilled back in the early days of the distillery, 1967, which was only one year since production commenced at the distillery.

Loch Lomond tell me that the whisky was produced in their remarkable straight neck stills, a rather unique style of still which can produce whiskies of different weights because of the rectifying columns in the still head. Today the rather unique "Lomond" style copper pot stills are used to produce the companies Inchmurrin single malt whisky brand and interestingly if you watch closely in the video above the barrel the Loch Lomond 50 year old 1967 came from is stamped "Inchmurrin" but the whisky has been bottled under the Loch Lomond name.

The whisky was matured in a American oak hogshead barrel for 31 years then spent a further 19 years in a European oak hogshead barrel. After 50 long years of the angels having their share, only enough whisky to fill 60 bottles remained which have been bottled at 46.2% ABV, Loch Lomond tell me that it is "brimming with rich oak spice and tropical fruit, naturally deep amber in colour with beautiful clarity".

Loch Lomond 50 Year Old

As you would expect for such a rare whisky it is presented in premium packaging, the whisky is encased in a hand-blown Glencairn crystal decanter which is contained within a bespoke chest created by ‘architects of objects’, Method Studio in Scotland who drew inspiration from the drama, romance and kinetic energy of Loch Lomond itself to create ‘The Tempest Chest.’

Hand-shaped in solid oak, leather lined and indigo-dyed until almost black in colour, the tactile, sculpted surface of each individually numbered chest is suggestive of water at twilight, with only a solid brass key visible from the exterior, mysteriously emerging from the surface to build intrigue. Inside, the bottle of Loch Lomond 50 Year Old rests carefully upon sculpted oak waves, alongside not an ordinary whisky miniature, but a solid turned brass vial, lined in glass and reminiscent of the straight neck pot still.

Loch Lomond Master Blender, Michael Henry who crafted the Loch Lomond 50 Year Old said: "The expectations are high when you are working with a whisky as special and scarce as this and it came with great responsibility, but selecting and perfecting this single malt was a true honour. Our stills are synonymous with the fruity notes they give to the whisky. The Loch Lomond 50 Year Old has been granted the time to truly concentrate that character, resulting in a rich, tropical fruit flavour."

The Loch Lomond 50 Year Old has a RRP of £12,000 and will be available from December 2017 from specialist online whisky shops such as Master of Malt and The Whisky Exchange

Loch Lomond 50 Year Old Review

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Heady oak spice of clove and cinnamon with sweeter notes of sultanas and raisins with creamy vanilla fudge.

Taste: Silky mouthfeel rolls over the tongue. Intense vibrant tropical fruit, fresh pineapple and ripe banana with a honey sweetness.

Finish: Warming stem ginger, bursts of gooseberry and elderflower and waves of tangy grapefruit citrus.


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