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Loch Lomond Whisky Now Available In Travel Retail

2nd March 2017

Loch Lomond whisky now available in travel retail.

Loch Lomond Travel Retail Whisky Range.

Last month Loch Lomond single malt entered the world of travel retail for the first time with the launch of four of their expressions at the Highland distillery's local airport, Glasgow airport. The four travel retail whiskies are not new expressions, they are whiskies which we are already familiar with but they are presented in 1 litre bottles as all travel retail bottles should be but sadly fewer and fewer are these days.

The new Loch Lomond travel retail collection comprises of Loch Lomond Signature blended whisky, Loch Lomond single grain, Loch Lomond 12 Year Old single malt and Loch Lomond Inchmurrin Madeira Cask single malt.

The large industrial factory like Loch Lomond distillery is located in Alexandria, near the southernmost shore of Loch Lomond from where it takes its name, it is a rather unique distillery as its set up is quite different from every other distillery in Scotland, with four different types of stills.

Loch Lomond Distillery

Loch Lomond has two traditional copper pot stills and six rather unique "Lomond" style copper pot stills equipped with rectifying heads which can be used to vary the length of the still neck which enables them to produce different styles of spirit. There is also one modified Coffey still to make malt whisky which is used for continuous distillation, some of you may recall the now gone Loch Lomond produced whisky brand Old Rhosdhu malt which caused a bit of a category confusion at the Scotch Whisky Association a few years back. In total Loch Lomond produces 5 million litres of malt spirit per year. There is also a grain distillery with column stills within the distillery which produces 18 million litres of grain spirit per year. The range of stills at the Loch Lomond distillery allow them to produce many different styles of malt and grain whisky and of course a single distillery blend of both.

Each Loch Lomond whisky label depicts the style of stills used in the production of the whisky in the bottle. This label is from the Loch Lomond Signature Blend which contains whisky from all four styles of Loch Lomonds whisky stills.

The new travel retail collection features two single malt Scotch Whiskies, the Lomond 12 year old single malt, which contains spirit from two types of stills; and Loch Lomond Inchmurrin Madeira Cask single malt, which is produced exclusively from the distiller’s unique pot stills with rectifying heads. There are future plans for these two single malts to be joined in travel retail by the no age statement Loch Lomond Original single malt.

The new travel retail collection also features the Loch Lomond Single Grain, which is exclusively distilled with 100% malted barley through a Coffey (continuous) still, and the Loch Lomond Signature, a premium blend which is matured via the distiller’s 100 cask solera process. .

The new one litre bottles features Loch Lomond's newly designed packaging which has been inspired by the unique Loch Lomond distillery. Designers worked to reflect the Group’s commitment to whisky craftsmanship; from the distinctive stills, to the working cooperage, aiming to tell the story of the unique parts that come together to create the innovative liquid inside.

Loch Lomond whisky at World Duty Free’s Glasgow Airport store.

World Duty Free’s Glasgow Airport store is only the first stop in an ambitious worldwide roll-out of the Loch Lomond travel retail range, which will soon launch in Nordic travel retail markets followed by Canada and the US.

I have reviewed a couple of the the travel retail expressions, see the links below, the Loch Lomond 12 year old is by far the outstanding whisky and my must try recommendation from the Loch Lomond whisky range. Last week when passing through Glasgow airport I had a quick sample of the Loch Lomond Signature Blend which from the small sample appeared to be an OK blend at £25 for a 1 litre bottle. I also had a small sample of Inchmurrin Madeira Cask single malt, a small sample from a small plastic sample cup at the airport is not always the ideal place to fully assess a whisky, but I can certainly say that it should appeal to the sherried whisky fans amongst you and at £60 for a 1 litre bottle compared to £50 for the standard 70cl bottle it is not a bad deal, I would have to taste more of this in a better environment before giving it a big thumbs up but worth looking out for and sampling yourself if you enjoy a sherried dram and if you find your self passing through the airport where most whiskies in this price range are available to sample.

If you have no plans to travel in the near future you will find the current Loch Lomond whisky range including Inchmurrin available from specialist online whisky shops such as Master of Malt

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