Whisky Focus - Littlemill 27 Year Old 2017 Private Cellar Edition

Littlemill 27 Year Old 2017 Private Cellar Edition

1st August 2017
Littlemill 27 Year Old 2017 Private Cellar Edition, a rare official distillery bottling from the closed lowland distillery.

Littlemill 27 Year Old 2017 Private Cellar Edition

Littlemill distillery was established back in 1772, and up until 1994 when production stopped, the distillery certainly had a legitimate claim to being the oldest operating distillery in Scotland, sadly the Lowland distillery was destroyed by fire in 2004.

The Loch Lomond Distillery Company, owners of the closed Littlemill distillery, have just unveiled a limited release Littlemill 27 Year Old 2017 Private Cellar Edition expression. It is the creation of Michael Henry, Master Blender at the Loch Lomond Distillery company, Michael selected eight casks from 1990 which he says "pays homage to the true Littlemill distillery character; creating a lighter, floral spirit, reminiscent of the triple distillation of the Duncan Thomas era, although it was produced in the double distillation era of the distillery.

They tell me that the Littlemill 2017 Private Cellar Edition has been crafted from casks with the strongest floral character and subtle wood notes from distillations between 11th and 19th May 1990. The casks were filled at 68.8% strength, allowing them to retain more of the distillery character throughout the maturation in refill bourbon barrels. Ageing in refill bourbon barrels gave a softer wood influence and once selected the casks were married in fresh bourbon barrels for 12 months before bottling.

The Littlemill 27 Year Old 2017 Private Cellar Edition is a limited release of 500 bottles, bottled at 51.3% ABV in an opulent numbered decanter and presented in a luxurious case which also features a unique piece of Littlemill cask used to mature this rare malt, as well as a miniature of the precious whisky itself.

As you can imagine the Littlemill 27 Year Old 2017 Private Cellar Edition is for those of you with deep pockets and will set you back around 2,250, you will find it available from specialist online whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange & Master of Malt

Being a Lowland distillery and given the style of whisky it produced it has never quite got the attention from whisky enthusiasts and collectors that other closed distilleries have received, such as Brora and Port Ellen but it hasn't been closed as long as those. Given the ever increasing interest in all Scotch Malt Whisky, collectors are now beginning to take an interest in Littlemill so prices are sure to rise. The Littlemill 27 Year Old is certainly priced for collectors or whisky drinkers with deep pockets but if you fancy trying some Littlemill before the prices get out of your reach then have a look at
The Whisky Exchange who currently have a few bottles distilled around the same time as the 2017 Private Cellar Edition but starting from 300.

Littlemill 27 Year Old 2017 Private Cellar Edition Review

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Green herbal notes of peppermint and eucalyptus lead into natural perfumed floral bursts of honeysuckle and lavender. Cedar wood elements give structure.

Taste: Vibrant fruit is prominent with a background soft, subtle sweet character. Mouth-watering crisp green apple, zesty grapefruit and tart juicy pineapple are followed by green tea notes and a delicate clover honey sweetness.

Finish: Warming spice of stem ginger and nutmeg liven the tongue before a long peppermint and sugar syrup finish.


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