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Edinburgh's Holyrood Distillery Seeks Investors

12th June 2017
Holyrood Distillery launches a £5.5 million fund raising drive to help fund the balance of their ambition.

Holyrood Distillery, artist impression of the wood and maturation room

Have you got a spare £5.5 million burning a hole in your pocket and you do you fancy being part of Edinburgh's first Scotch whisky distillery in 90 years?

Following on from being granted planning permission from the City of Edinburgh Council last year the folks behind Edinburgh's planned Holyrood Distillery are now seeking investors for the the project and have launched a £5.5 million funding drive to help fund the balance of their ambition to create a distillery and visitor centre, spanning 11,969 sq ft, in the heart of Scotland’s capital which they plan to open to the public next year.

The Holyrood Distillery is a joint development by David Robertson, former Master Distiller for The Macallan, and Rob and Kelly Carpenter, founders of the Canadian branch of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. It will be Edinburgh’s first single malt whisky distillery since Glen Sciennes closed in the 1920s.

They are now attempting to raise funds to take the project forward by offering UK investors the opportunity to invest in a brand new single malt whisky and spirits distillery which will see malt distilling brought back to Edinburgh for the first time in 90 years.

The plan is for the distillery to produce a range of single malts, gins, liqueurs and other spirits. The folks behind the plan say they will have an  innovative approach to ingredients, distilling processes and maturation which will set Holyrood apart from more traditional approaches.

The planned visitor centre - Holyrood's ‘Home of Flavour’ – will provide an immersive sensory and educational experience aimed at enlightening and delighting its visitors as they explore the world of flavour.

Distilling of Holyrood whisky is scheduled to begin in late 2018, with the first Holyrood Distillery whisky being available to buy as early as 2021, but only if they meet the distillery’s quality standards. Holyrood's ‘flavour first’ focus will be brought to life early in 2018 with prototype gins and liqueurs for test marketing. Products will then be produced ready for the distillery opening to the public later in 2018.

Rob Carpenter, Managing Director, Holyrood Distillery said: £We feel truly fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of bringing single malt distilling back to Edinburgh after far too long an absence. Kelly, David and I all love our spirits and we’re incredibly enthusiastic about making flavour-filled single malts, gins and other cool tipples as well as creating an experience which allows our visitors to truly immerse themselves in the world of Holyrood. We are confident that by placing a working distillery in the heart of Edinburgh’s capital, with the visitor numbers and cash flow that is expected to provide, we are creating something that is quite different from the typical distillery start-up."

When I asked the folks behind the Holyrood Distillery for some details regards the investment already in place and what future investors will receive for their investment, Rob Carpenter replied saying: "The founders of this unique project have invested over £500,000 covering the completion of building design and the achievement of planning approval from the City of Edinburgh, thereby reducing the risk to potential investors. The visitor numbers and cashflow resulting from the development of an urban working distillery in the heart of Edinburgh’s capital creates an investment opportunity which is quite different from the typical distillery start-up."

They went on to advise that if anyone requires more details about investing in the project and what they will receive for their investment to contact Johnston Carmichael, Scotland’s largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers, who are leading the fundraising for the project.

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