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Glen Moray Celebrates 120th Anniversary Year

9th February 2017

Glen Moray is set to mark its 120th anniversary year with the release of a special limited edition, Glen Moray Mastery.

The Glen Moray Glenlivet Distillery Company Limited was formed on the 27th January, 1897 and over the past 120 years like most Scotch whisky distilleries it has seen some highs and lows such as during its early days in the early 1900's and closure through two World Wars and of course the current high of today.

The first drops of spirit ran from the copper pot stills at Glen Moray on the 13th September 1897. Over the last 120 years, just five men have had the honour of being "Master Distiller", the men who have made Glen Moray what it is today.

The current Glen Moray distillery was originally developed as the Elgin West Brewery in 1830 and produced several local ales before redevelopment into a fully functional single malt distillery sixty-seven years later when The Glen Moray Glenlivet Distillery Company Limited was formed on the 27th January, 1897. Handwritten ledgers show the first spirit run being made on the 13th September, 1897 using all local barley.

Expansion continued during the 1950ís and Glen Moray Single Malt Distillery has recently undertaken expansion works so that the production capacity has grown to 6.5 million litres per year placing it amongst the top 10 malt whisky producers in Scotland. Additional maturation warehouses have been built multiplying the storage capacity from 90,000 barrels to 250,000 barrels.

Graham Coull, current Glen Moray Master Distiller, took over the helm in 2005, Grahams tenacious and innovative approach has seen the introduction of some heavily peated production (50 ppm) in 2009, producing around 300,000 litres per year. Graham has also overseen the expansion of the Glen Moray Classic range which now includes Glen Moray Classic, Port Cask Finish (added 2014), Peated (added 2015) and Sherry Cask Finish (added 2016).

To mark the 120th Anniversary, Glen Moray will be introducing Glen Moray Mastery, a special very limited edition release crafted by the fifth Master Distiller, Graham Coull, using whisky from five distinctive vintages, matured in a variety of fortified wine casks across the different decades. I believe the Glen Moray Mastery will be priced around £800 but don't quote me on that just yet, I will bring you the details on it as soon as they are available.

Meanwhile you will find the current Glen Moray whisky range available from a specialist online whisky shops such as Master of Malt

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