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Feel The Taste Of Glenmorangie Online

24th September 2017
Glenmorangie invite viewers to ‘feel’ the taste of their whisky.

The creative folks at Glenmorangie have been working on a new research project with multi-sensory scientists to create an experience which they say will enable you to ‘feel’ the taste of whisky. This is done through a technique called ASMR- Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

ASMR essentially refers to the tingling sensation moving from the neck down the spine and creates a feeling of relaxed concentration which allows viewers to perceive stimuli more acutely.

In a series of short films which use sounds and motions to communicate the sensorial nature of whisky for the first time, Glenmorangie has set the bar for an all-consuming online sensorial experience.

Each film delivers an innovative visual and sonic experience through the phenomenon of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – ASMR. ASMR is so novel, that the scientific community has only recently acknowledged its existence. To aid understanding of its effects and benefits, Glenmorangie has commissioned a ground-breaking study led by multi-sensory scientist Professor Charles Spence, of Oxford University, and ASMR experts from Manchester Metropolitan University. Their research is the first attempt to create a sensory profile of the kinds of ASMR ‘triggers’ that work best.

Glenmorangie engaged creative agency Alter Projects who collaborated with Bompas & Parr to commission a research on ASMR, art direct and produce the three films. It is the first brand to create bespoke content around such a unique original scientific research. Using triggers relevant to whisky and the Highlands to elicit increasingly emotional reactions, they allow viewers to ‘feel’ the smooth, rounded taste of Glenmorangie The Original, the richness of Glenmorangie The Lasanta, and the delight of Glenmorangie Signet.

Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation & Whisky Stocks, said: "At Glenmorangie we are always searching for innovative ways to delight single malt lovers. By bringing the unique characters of our whiskies to life online in such a revolutionary way, we can share the spirit of Glenmorangie more widely – and perhaps inspire viewers to try our whisky the traditional way, too."

You can view all the films on Glenmoragie's YouTube channel if you want to explore what Glenmorangie feels like and if you want to explore what it tastes like you will find the Glenmorangie whisky range available from specialist whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange & Master of Malt

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