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Aldi Hogwash Blended Malt Review

7th September 2017
Review of Aldi Hogwash Blended Malt Scotch whisky.

Aldi Hogwash Blended MaltHogwash Blended Malt Whisky is a no age statement whisky from the budget supermarket chain Aldi, a recent addition to their own label whisky line-up.

Like most things in Aldi the packaging and product tries to emulate the best selling brand name and in this case they have clearly bottled Hogwash in a bottle to emulate William Grants Monkey Shoulder blended malt whisky which is probably the best selling Scotch blended malt whisky in the world, will the flavour profile come close to Monkey Shoulder? Read on below to see what I thought about Aldi's Hogwash.

Hogwash was matured in white oak hogshead barrels, hence its name, my bottle is labelled "Blend No. 8", I am not sure where the first 7 blends went as I haven't come across them, it was bottled at 40% ABV.

William Morrison's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Vanilla and some gentle orange citrus.

Taste: Very pleasantly pleasing toffee
is joined by sweet vanilla and a little orange citrus and some late spice.

Finish: The toffee and sweet vanilla party bitters out leaving a touch of mildly drying gentle oak spice.

Comment: It is a little young and just a bit spirity, but I didn't expect a 12 year old for the price. The very pleasantly pleasing toffee, vanilla, orange and mild spiciness combined with the 14.99 price tag make this an easy drinking, palatable dramming whisky. Perhaps a good one to pour after you have had a couple of drams of your more expensive favourite and your taste buds are now not so fresh.

The bottle design and flavour profile is clearly aimed at emulating William Grant's Monkey Shoulder blended malt and it has really done a superb job on both counts. Monkey Shoulder is often promoted as a great mixer for long drinks and cocktails, I would say if that is your thing save yourself a few pound and get yourself a bottle of Hogwash and as I have said a great dramming whisky to have after a couple or even a few Hogwash.

As Scotch malt whisky continues to become a more expensive pleasure these days I know many of you seek out less expensive alternatives such as the supermarket own label whiskies, like most things in Aldi this comes close to the brand name it is trying to emulate but at a much cheaper price. If you are on a budget or going to mix it then I can happily recommend this above other whiskies you will find at this price.

SMW Score 79/100


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