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Dalmore 62 The Worlds Most Expensive Whisky

19th September 2011
Dalmore Sets New World Record - £125,000 For One Bottle Of Whisky.

The most expensive bottle of whisky ever sold in retail has been revealed by Whyte & Mackay at the Tax Free World Association Show in Cannes.

The last bottle of The Dalmore 62, released from the personal collection of master distiller Richard Paterson, was sold at Changi Airport in Singapore for £125,000 just two weeks ago.

This breaks the previous retail record set by the same brand after the final bottle of Dalmore 64 was sold in Harrods for £120,000 three months ago.

Whyte & Mackay has also revealed that Jura is the fastest growing malt whisky in the world with a sales increase of 38%, while The Dalmore is the third fastest growing malt with a rise of 34%.

This success is emulated in travel retail where Jura has grown by 48% and The Dalmore by 55% in the last 12 months.

When The Dalmore 62 was first released in 2002 it went down in history as being the most expensive bottle of whisky ever bought and consumed in one sitting. An anonymous business man paid £32,000 for the bottle at the Penny Hill Park hotel in Surrey. After sharing it with friends, the buyer left a tip for the waiter in the form of the last drop of whisky in the bottle estimated to be worth £1000.

The Dalmore creator Richard Paterson kept one of the original 12 bottles back and gave it exclusively to DFS in Singapore. The rare whisky, with spirit dating as far back as 1868, was decanted in to a bespoke hand blown crystal decanter and adorned with the brand’s iconic 12 pointer royal stag’s head – hand crafted in platinum. All this sits in a specially made bespoke wooden presentation case which took over 100 man hours to create.

The Dalmore 62 was released in 2002 and first sold for £25,000 at auction.

The three bottles of The Dalmore Trinitas 64 year old became the world’s first whisky to break the six figure barrier for a single bottle. Two collectors paid £100,000 each at launch for a bottle, and the third sold in Harrods for £120,000 rising in value by 20% in less than six months.

If you had bought Dalmore 62 (2002), Dalmore Sirius (2009) and Dalmore 64 (2010), upon their release, it would have cost you £129,500 in total. Today they are worth £265,000, an increase of nearly 105%.........from just three bottles.

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