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Wild Turkey American Honey

1st May  2013
Wild Turkey launches DELICIOUS honeyed flavoured liqueur in the UK.

You have probably noticed the latest craze for honey flavoured whisky. It seems like more and more of the big whisky producers are adding honey, spice and all things nice to your favourite whiskies. It is not something I have looked at and to be honest even considered looking at but when the makers of Wild Turkey American bourbon told me they are introducing a honey-flavoured bourbon named Wild Turkey American Honey to the UK this month and asked me if I would like to try it, I thought why not.

I know many single malt whisky aficionados will cringe at the very thought of adding anything to there whisky but these honeyed whiskies are getting hard to ignore, I am sure you have spotted the likes of Jim Beamís Honey, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, Bushmillís Irish Honey and even the Scotch whisky brands are joining this honey flavoured whisky craze with Dewar's recently releasing Dewar's Highlander Honey in the USA.

So what do they all taste like? I couldn't tell you but I can now tell you what Wild Turkey American Honey tastes like.

On the packaging of the bottle I received from Wild Turkey there was big bold writing advising me it was best served chilled so going against my better judgement I put it in the fridge and just to be thorough I also tried it with ice which I wouldn't dream of doing with any whisky. Finally I tried it at room temperature with no added ice, just as it comes out of the bottle, perhaps it is the single malt whisky drinker in me looking for all the flavours of the the whisky but at room temperature with nothing added revealed the most flavours to me, no flavours dulled by chilling or adding ice.

So what did I find when served straight at room temperature? A deliciously sweet exceptionally smooth vanilla'd bourbon whisky infused with delicious honey, creamy caramel and lashings of orange. It is so smooth it is easy to forget that it packs a punch as it is bottled at a very drinkable 35.5% ABV unlike traditional whisky liqueurs which often are bottled at a much lower strength.

I have tried this over a few nights and it is just so moreish and I think it will appeal to any whisky or non whisky drinker.

I am not normally a fan of whisky liqueurs but this has made me think again, it seems like we now have a new generation of whisky liqueurs and going by this one they will be hard for anyone to resist. Not something I would reach for everyday but something different to stick in the cabinet for when the mood takes me for something sweet.

American Honey will be touring University Student Unions around the UK with a branded American Honey photobooth and will also be offering the chance to win a US Road Trip in summer 2013. For more details go to www.facebook.com/americanhoneyuk

I am guessing like myself it has been a few years since most of you have been in a university students union, don't worry you will will find Wild Turkey American Honey available from whisky specialist shops such as The Whisky Exchange

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