Whisky Focus - Whyte & Mackay Roaring Review Booth At Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Whyte & Mackay Roaring Review Booth At Edinburgh Fringe

3rrd August 2018
Fancy yourself as a critic? Then share your opinions at the Whyte & Mackay Roaring Review Booth at the Edinburgh Festival for the chance to win prizes.

Scottish comedians, Chris Forbes and Richie Brown launch the Whyte & Mackay Roaring Review Booth at Underbelly Bristo Square Edinburgh.

If you will be lucky enough to be in Edinburgh this month during the Fringe Festival and you fancy yourself as a critic then pop along to the Whyte & Mackay Roaring Review Booth – a pop up build in Underbelly Bristo Square where festival goers can share their honest Fringe reviews on camera for a chance to win prizes throughout August.

To celebrate their exciting title as Underbelly’s 2018 Lead Sponsors of Comedy, the award-winning whisky brand is welcoming Fringe fans to visit the Whyte & Mackay Surprisingly Smooth Fringe Bar to enjoy a dram and new cocktail serve, the Whyte & Mackay Ball which they say is a surprisingly smooth and deliciously refreshing cocktail, using Whyte & Mackay, bitters, tonic and a wedge of orange. The bar will be open 10am – 4am every day from Friday 3rd August until Monday 27th August.

At the heart of the bar will be the Roaring Review Booth, an eye-catching pop-up where customers can give their true reviews of Fringe 2018 shows – the good, the bad and the dram funny.

The booth which was unveiled with the help of well-known Scottish comedians, Chris Forbes and Richie Brown has been designed to feel like an old school comedy club, with a brick wall backdrop, red velvet curtains, warm stage lighting and a stool and microphone in place for self-styled critics to have their say.

On selected dates, Whyte & Mackay staff will be on site offering dozens of prizes in exchange for roaring reviews – from Fringe shows to complimentary Whyte & Mackay Ball cocktails. There will also be a bespoke gif booth in place for punters to upload their reviews directly onto their social channels, tagging Whyte & Mackay to be in with a chance of winning. The funniest reviews will be shared across the brand’s social channels throughout the festival.

Ruairi Perry, Head of Blended Whisky Brands at Whyte & Mackay, said: “With over 55,000 performances taking place during the iconic Edinburgh Festival Fringe, there are sure to be a lot of opinions – hit or miss - so we want to hear what the public really thinks of the shows in our Roaring Review Booth.
“We might be Underbelly’s Lead Sponsors of Comedy this year, but we know there’s nothing as funny as folk - which is why we’re encouraging festival punters to visit our Surprisingly Smooth Fringe Bar to enjoy our new cocktail, the Whyte & Mackay Ball, before giving the booth a try. The funnier the review, the more chance you have of winning some Fringe-themed Whyte & Mackay prizes. So, tell us, what’s so funny?”

Mary Gleeson, Head of Brand Partnerships at Underbelly, said: “We’re thrilled to have Whyte & Mackay on board as this year’s comedy sponsors – they’re a brand synonymous with supporting grassroots comedy, which is something hugely important to us. The Roaring Review Booth is sure to keep the laughs rolling throughout the Edinburgh Fringe and we’re excited to hear how everyone is enjoying this year’s programme over a dram in their Surprisingly Smooth Fringe Bar. See you there.”

The tongue-in-cheek stunt and sponsorship of Underbelly’s comedy programme is part of the brand’s Funny as Folk Campaign, where they celebrate the everyday funny people of the UK.

So far, 2018 has seen them sponsor the Whyte & Mackay Glasgow International Comedy Festival, where they collaborated with comedians to create some seriously funny videos - including three-word round-ups of the week’s news, smooth Valentine’s lines and telling their best “lion walks into a bar” jokes.

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