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White Horse Blended Scotch Whisky

White Horse is named after one of Edinburgh’s famous coaching inns. The White Horse Cellar Inn was the starting place for the eight day coach trip to London. A symbol of quality and tradition for more than a century. Today White Horse Fine Old is one of the world’s top selling Scotch whiskies.

White Horse Scotch Whisky Blend contains over 40% malts, at its heart is the unique flavour of Lagavulin, a single malt whisky from Islay. Other malts which influence the final flavour of the White Horse blend are Talisker and Linkwood. It is this individuality, the quality of its ingredients and the care with which it is made that make White Horse a fine old Scotch Whisky of rare and enjoyable distinction.

White Horse Tasting Notes

White Horse Fine Old Blended Whisky.

The rich flavours are accented by peat and honey. The influence of the Lagavulin malt shows through.

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White Horse Bottlings

White Horse offer you the following choice of blended whisky:
  • Fine Old.
  • Super Premium.
  • You will find a good selection of White Horse blended whisky available from top whisky shops such as
    The Whisky Exchange.

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