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The Whisky Affair By Michael J Gill

22nd December 2014
The Whisky Affair, a intoxicating story of conspiracy, murder, and an intriguing mix of whisky facts and fiction.

Here is a whisky book for you the with a difference, it isn't a reference book but a fictional novel with a whisky flavour.

Set around the fictional Isle of Bute distillery which was fast becoming one of the most popular in the world, Thanks in part to the new pun on all the social media networks "What a Beaut".

Raymond Armstrong, is enjoying his retirement when he hears of the news. Gordon Reid, the owner of Bute distillery is a lifelong friend. Raymond immediately visits the island to join his best friend in the success of the distillery.

On his return to Yorkshire, he receives devastating news! Little did he know that this news would draw him into a conspiracy, an attempt to take over the distillery by a casino company in Las Vegas who will stop at nothing to take control, including murder!

The mysterious events that occur, reawakens his instincts and training as a former member of a special M16 unit, and propels him back into the world of espionage and intrigue.

Raymond must use all of his skills to stop the people behind this hostile take-over attempt, and protect the Reid family at all costs!!

The book was written by Michael J Gill who spent most of his career working in the beer, wine and whisky industry and Michaels knowledge of whisky and the industry shines through in the book which is an gripping and intoxicating story of conspiracy, murder, and an intriguing mix of whisky facts and fiction, if you like a good read it is perfect to accompany the dram in your glass on a cold winters night.

The Whisky Affair is now available from Amazon priced 7.72

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