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The SMWS Dram Good Dad Whisky Pack

5th June 2024
The SMWS has released 'The SMWS Dram Good Dad Whisky Pack' containing three specially selected single malt whiskies for Father's Day and the good news is the pack is available to both SMWS members and non-members. So if your dad has ever been curious about The SMWS then this pack should give him and insight into what they offer.

The SMWS Dram Good Dad Whisky Pack

Following up on my recent review of the The SMWS 'Sherry Cask Takeover' tasting pack which contained three cracking sherry finished drams I thought I would give 'The SMWS Dram Good Dad Whisky Pack' a mention for those of you who may be looking for a whisky gift for their dad for Father's Day or are a interested in what The SMWS has to offer, and the good news is 'The SMWS Dram Good Dad Whisky Pack' is available to SMWS members and non-members.

Available in the UK, this gift pack is a great way to treat your whisky loving father to something special. New for 2024, the "A Dram Good Dad" whisky tasting pack features three 50ml bottles of limited-edition single cask single malt Scotch whiskies. These bottles boast fun and intriguing names like "Push Pineapple Shake a Bee," highlighting their distinctive flavours. Each whisky is hand-picked by the expert tasting panel at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

The uniqueness of this gift pack lies in its single cask whisky – what the Society calls 'whisky in its purest form.' Single cask whiskies are bottled straight from the cask without any dilution or added colourings, preserving their true character and flavour. Additionally, the 50ml bottles in this pack are larger than the typical 30ml bottles found in other tasting packs.

At The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, it's all about flavour. The Society doesn't disclose the distilleries from which the whiskies originate. Instead, each bottle is given a creative name that describes its taste profile, along with detailed tasting notes. This approach allows whisky enthusiasts to explore and enjoy the rich and varied flavours of each unique whisky.

Whether you're dad is a whisky beginner, an aficionado, or simply a fan of high-quality spirits, the A Dram Good Dad pack offers something special for everyone. It’s an ideal gift for anyone looking to experience the finest single cask whiskies in a fun and engaging way.

The A Dram Good Dad pack is available at an RRP of £35 for SMWS members and £39 for non-members. This exclusive pack can be purchased directly from the Society’s website

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