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Scottish Whisky Distilleries Book Review

21st June 2021
Review of the new Scottish Whisky Distilleries book from Destinworld Publishing which is aimed at whisky tourists.

Scottish Whisky Distilleries BookScottish Whisky Distilleries is a new full colour guide to Scotlandís whisky distilleries from Destinworld Publishing which is aimed at whisky fans and the many whisky tourists who visit Scotland (during normal times) each year.

The book starts with a brief introduction and explanation of how Scotch whisky is made. The main body of the book is split into the main whisky regions of Scotland - Highland, Speyside, Lowland Islay and Campeltown, there is no Islands region these distilleries will be found listed under the distilleries of the Highland region. Each whisky region starts with a map of the region highlighting the location of each distillery throughout that region which is handy if you are planning on touring around a few distilleries.

There is a colour photo of most of the distilleries, the info provided for each distillery varies, some have a brief history, some have some detailed production info, some have details of the style of whisky the distillery produces. The distilleries that have visitor centres are covered in more detail.

For those who may be interested in the book if they are planning on touring some distilleries will find whether the distillery has a visitor centre and some info on what the distillery has to offer to visitors. Each distillery listing also has a website address and phone number to double check what each distillery offers visitors and whether the distillery will be open on the day you wish to visit or to check whether you have to pre-book your visit which is advisable to do during these strange ever changing times. Each listing also has the address, including the postcode, to enter into your Sat Nav.

Scottish Whisky Distilleries Book - Highland Whisky Region Map and Aberfeldy Distillery.

The book ends with a short listing of good whisky bars which you will find when touring around Scotland. Overall a good colourful wee book that will fit in the glovebox of the car if you are touring around Scotland but there are better more informative options if you are planning on touring around Scotland's distilleries such as Discovering Scotland's Distilleries which was last updated in 2016 but still a excellent guide.

Scottish Whisky Distilleries has a price tag of £12.99 and you will find it available from Amazon

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