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Remarkable Regional Malts With A Twist 10 Year Old

17th October 2018
Douglas Laing continue to celebrate their 70th anniversary year this time with a limited edition multi regional vatted malt - Remarkable Regional Malts With A Twist 10 Year Old.

Remarkable Regional Malts With A Twist 10 Year Old

As the family owned and run Glasgow based whisky bottler and soon to be producer Douglas Laing continues with their year of 70th anniversary celebrations they have unveiled another limited edition release which this time should be accessible by all whisky fans, no matter how deep your pockets are, the new whisky is a blended malt by the name of "Remarkable Regional Malts - With A Twist".

Douglas Laing & Co. has long been known for its blending ability, it was the family run company's bread and butter so to speak in years gone by but as tastes have changed the family run business has moved with the times catering to the worldwide demand for quality off the normal beaten track single malt Scotch whisky. It has probably been more in the past 20 years or so that their ability to select and bottle quality single malts has come to the fore but they never forgot their roots in the art of blending.

The quality blending skills of the creative team at Douglas Laing were demonstrated back in 2009 when they launched the excellent smoky Islay vatted malt "Big Peat" which turned out to be the first of the five Remarkable Regional Malt whiskies, Big Peat was followed by Scallywag, a sweet vatted Speyside malt, then Timorous Beastie, a vatted Highland malt, then the Island vatted malt, Rock Oyster and last but not least the Lowland vatted malt whisky, The Epicurean which completed the Douglas Laing Remarkable Regional Malts range.

So now in their 70th anniversary year it is rather fitting that Douglas Laing gives a nod to Big Peat and his regional friends with this special limited edition Remarkable Regional Malts - With A Twist 10 Year Old, I suppose you could say multi-regional vatted malt bottling which incorporates Single Malts from all of Scotland’s Whisky producing regions, representing the various brands in the Regional Malts range.

Just like the Regional Malts core range bottlings a lot of thought and creativity has gone into the presentation of this limited release of 5,000 bottles, they are presented in specialist packaging which has been created to raise a smile and to reflect the ethos of Douglas Laing and its Regional Malts. The labels are individually numbered while the gift tube panels rotates enabling Big Peat’s iconic bearded face to sit on top of Scallywag’s furry canine body, or to line up the Timorous Beastie's Mouse body with the Epicurean’s top hatted head.

Fred Laing, Douglas Laing Chairman, commented: "Our 70th Anniversary has been a big occasion for us and one we continue to enjoy celebrating. This latest Limited Edition reflects very much our focus and philosophy to release excellent, artisan Scotch Whiskies expressing some humour in the process, whilst not taking ourselves too seriously. After all, aligned to quality, Scotch Whisky should be fun!".

The Remarkable Regional Malts With A Twist 10 Year Old Limited Edition of 5,000 bottles comes in a 70cl bottle, bottled at 48% ABV it is as we have come to expect from Douglas Laing, non chill-filtered and naturally coloured with an RRP of £59.99 it should now be starting to appear on the shelves of specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt

Remarkable Regional Malts With A Twist 10 Year Old Review

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose:  A sweet, buttery biscuit quality with honeycomb initially developing to rock pools and a salty, seaweed tang.

Taste: Shows mouth-coating milk chocolate alongside orange zest, vanilla’d oak then comes an earthiness with smoked bacon.

Finish: The fruity finish is packed with stewed fruits and mocha balanced by candied lemon rind, black pepper and malted barley.

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