Whisky Focus - The Macallan Quest Collection Travel Retail Exclusive

The Macallan Quest Collection Travel Retail Exclusive

24th September 2017
Introducing the The Macallan Quest Collection which will be available exclusively in travel retail from January 2018.

Macallan Quest Collection Travel Retail Exclusive

The Macallan has unveiled The Macallan Quest Collection which will be available exclusively in global travel retail from January 2018 and will replace their existing Macallan 1824 Collection which was launched in travel retail back in 2009.

The sherried cask style Macallan fans amongst you will be pleased to hear that the new Macallan Quest Collection is said to tell the story of the Highland distillery's pursuit of the most extraordinary sherry seasoned oak casks through a series of four newly created single malt whiskies.

The Macallan tell me that each of the four new whiskies showcase distinctive and interesting casks and each of the four whiskies have their own distinctive characters taken from the casks.

They say with each expression, whisky drinkers will experience an exploration of flavour and texture, from vibrant and fresh through to rich and intense, concluding with a whisky that signifies the essence of The Macallan.

I am pleased to say the new Macallan Quest Collection will be presented in bottles with new tamper evident closures, this feature will also be rolled out amongst the rest of The Macallan range in the future.

Any fans of the current Macallan 1824 Collection travel retail range which includes the Macallan Select Oak, Whisky Maker’s Edition and Estate Reserve are advised to stock up while you can as it will be replaced in January 2018 but there is no need to look out your passport to stock up as you can currently find the Macallan 1824 Collection available from specialist whisky shops such as Master of Malt

The Macallan Quest

The Macallan QuestThe new entry level expression in The Macallan's new travel retail line-up is The Macallan Quest which has been bottle at 40% ABV and is presented in a 70cl bottle with a RRP of $64/£48 and $80/£60 for a 1 litre bottle.

The Macallan Quest is a combination of four different casks types – European and American oak sherry seasoned, American ex bourbon and hogshead casks - to deliver a soft blend of citrus fruits balanced with vanilla oak.

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Soft citrus fruits, rounded apple and lemon. Vanilla fudge lends sweetness to the fruit. Light oak is subtle.

Taste: Apple mixes with ginger and dry fruits. Dessert like. Nutmeg and cinnamon soften on the palate and fade later to allow oak to show.

Finish: Soft, light fruit and sweet.

The Macallan Lumina

The Macallan LuminaThe second expression in the new travel retail collection is The Macallan Lumina which has been bottle at 41.3% ABV and is presented in a 70cl bottle with a RRP of $100/£75.

The Macallan Lumina has been matured in a combination of three casks types – European and American oak sherry seasoned and hogshead casks. The result is a bold, zesty whisky with notes of creamy vanilla and wood spice, but with ginger firmly at play.

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Citrus fruits, open softly. Apple, pear lead then lemon zest emerges. Fudge/toffee give a balance with dried fruits subtle in the background. A note of cream soda passes by leading to sawn oak drying in a lumber yard.

Taste: Wood spices to the fore. Ginger drives the palate, yet softens to entwine with fresh apples which allows a sweeter vanilla palate to emerge. Soft oak tones are in the background.

Finish: Warming fruit and spices. Slightly dry.

The Macallan Terra

The Macallan TerraThe Macallan Terra is the third in the series, bottled at 43.8% ABV, it is presented in a 70cl bottle with a RRP of $165/£125.

It appears as we move up the range the sherry influence increases, The Macallan Terra was matured exclusively in first fill oak sherry seasoned casks from two distinguished families of wood suppliers from Jerez de la Frontera – Tevasa and Vasyma. This creates a whisky with a distinctive character of toffee, sweet dried fruit and rich wood spices.

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Dried fruits open on mass, debating as to who will lead. Emerging raisin is tempered by lemon zest. Settling, toffee apple and light ginger mingle giving way to heavier sweet notes. Intense fudge suggests it could be heavier. Oak is developing richness and age.

Taste: Sweet dried fruit, Raisins and dates in the main but with subtle tones of ripening apple. Resinous oak gives a sweet oily note adding a mouth coating viscosity yet softness to the palate. There is a heaviness on the palate yet fresh as well.

Finish: Medium, dried fruit and wood spices.

The Macallan Enigma

The Macallan EnigmaSitting at the top of the new Macallan range is The Macallan Enigma, bottled at 44.9% ABV, it is presented in a 70cl bottle with a RRP of $250/£190.

The inspiration for The Macallan Enigma is quite simply Spain, it has been exclusively maturation in first fill sherry seasoned butts from Tevasa. The Macallan say that the rich and intense single malt offers up mature oak with subtleties of cinnamon, vanilla and dried fruit.

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Nose: European oak is powerful yet shows a softer side. Oak opens up mature yet understated allowing dried fruits to accompany, rich yet elegant. Vanilla is gracious enough to mingle with apples and pears who are soft and sweet. Ginger and cinnamon call out not to be forgotten on the periphery… the oak reappears subtle yet grand.

Taste: Dried fruits and wood spices coat the palate. Ginger and cinnamon are full, raison and dates give depth and richness. Subtle notes of sweet vanilla and a smooth oiliness is present.

Finish: Full, long, lingering. Almost from a different era.

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