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Longrow 11 Year Old Rundlets & Kilderkins

29th January 2013
Springbank release Longrow Rundlets & Kilderkins.

Here is an interesting new release from the Springbank distillery which I think could be worth watching for; the Longrow 11 Year Old Rundlets & Kilderkins. As you may already know Longrow malt whisky is produced at the Springbank distillery Campbeltown but Longrow is a very different malt to Springbank due to its different production methods. Unlike Springbank, Longrow malt is 100% dried above a peat fire, giving it a stronger peatier taste. Also Longrow is double distilled unlike Springbank which is distilled 2.5 times.

This release follows on from the earlier release of Springbank Rundlets & Kilderkins which was an experiment by Springbank that turned out very well and the whisky was very popular and highly rated by whisky drinkers including myself.

Rundlets and Kilderkins is a strange name for a whisky which many of you may not be familiar with, it is the name of the small 60 litre and 80 litre casks that were commonly used in the 17th and 18th century. You could say they are similar to the Quarter Casks Laphroaig uses and like the quarter casks the small Rundlets and Kilderkins were often used for smuggling whisky and as Cambeltown was a whisky smuggling centre back in the 17th and 18th century thes casks would have been very common.

These small casks are not not just good for smuggling, they also have there own influence on the whisky they hold. Using the small Rundlets and Kilderkins casks to mature the whisky means the maturing whisky has a lot of contact with the wood which speeds up maturation.

Longrow 11 Year Old Rundlets & Kilderkins was distilled November 2001 and bottled January 2013 at 57.1% abv and is a limited edition of 9000 bottles. Priced around 59 and it should be available in specialist whisky shops now.

Longrow 11 Year Old Rundlets & Kilderkins is now available to buy from
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Longrow 11 Year Old Rundlets & Kilderkins Tasting Notes

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Colour: Deep amber.

Nose: Smoke is easy to identify from the beginning and is soon joined with medicinal notes and subtle burning embers. On returning to nose, sweetness such as toffee apple is more pronounced.

Taste: Both peat and smoke are detected yet it is simultaneously sweet, particularly toffee and fudge. This is followed with the taste of liquorice. Rich and oily from its maturation in small casks, it gives an impression of being older than its 11 years.

Finish: Long, smooth and sweet. Slow and lingering hint of peat with peat reaching a crescendo with a strong peaty aftertaste.

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