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Lochan Ora Whisky Liqueur

Lochan Ora translates to "Golden Loch Liqueur".  This famous whisky liqueur is made with Aged Deluxe blended whisky from Chivas Regal, then sweetened with heather honey and herbs, although the herbs are not predominant in the final product. If you like Drambuie you will like this as it is a very similar tasting liqueur.

Lochan Ora Whisky Liqueur Tasting Notes

Lochan Ora Whisky Liqueur.

It is very sweet and exceptionally smooth. As the sweetness passes, the herbal and smokey scotch notes appear. Slight warming as you sip more. A little too sweet by itself much better over ice.

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Lochan Ora Bottlings

Lochan Ora offer you the following choice of whisky liqueur:
  • Lochan Ora.
  • You will find Lochan Ora Whisky Liqueur available from top whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange.

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