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The Leith Export C0. Expands Its Whisky Range

7th November 2023
Leith Export Co. has expanded its whisky offering with the release of Perpetuity Batch #2, a Scotch blended whisky and Table Whisky, a single grain whisky.

The Leith Export C0. Perpetuity Batch #2 and Table WhiskyThe commercial trading arm of Lind & Lime and Port of Leith products, known as The Leith Export Co., has recently broadened its product range. They've introduced a second batch of Perpetuity blended Scotch whisky and Table whisky, a novel single grain bottling.

These fresh additions expand the array of spirits that The Leith Export Co. offers, which already includes the distinctive Lind & Lime London dry gin, La Garde …cossaise champagne, and a selection of sherries and ports from Port of Leith. The port selection consists of White and Tawny Ports, along with PX, Oloroso, and Manzanilla Sherries.

Perpetuity, one of the new whiskies, draws inspiration from the infinity bottle concept, combining whiskies from various regions across Scotland to create an ongoing blend. Packaged in a modern wine-inspired bottle, the label narrates the tale of Henry Douglas, a Leith cooper from the 15th Century, known as the 'Cursed Cooper.'

Sam Travers, Whisky Blender for Perpetuity Whisky, commented: "With Perpetuity Batch #2 we had a decision to make: keep the originalís identity or diverge wildly and blend it away. At this stage, it didnít feel like the time for giant curveballs, so we went somewhere down the middle.

"We had access to far more malt than we had for Batch #1, so we could get some new DNA into the mix while working with the fruity, woody, sweet character of the original. Overall, Batch #2 is big, malty and mouth-coating with big tropical energy."

Table Whisky, the inaugural single grain whisky from The Leith Export Co., stands as a cornerstone of the Port of Leith Distillery bar, intentionally crafted for cocktail enjoyment.

Ian Stirling, Co-Founder of Leith Export Co., added: "Table whisky is our house pour; our sommelierís selection. A single grain whisky distilled in Edinburgh, matured in virgin oak and sherry casks, and blended in Leith. Itís delicious, reliable, approachable and rich."

The introduction of the two new bottling's follows the recent opening of the UK's first vertical distillery, Port of Leith. This innovative distillery, which opened last month, offers visitors a tour and tasting experience, along with a top-floor mezzanine bar boasting breathtaking panoramic views of Edinburgh.

Perpetuity Batch #2 has been bottled at 46%, with an increased production of 3,000 bottles available for purchase starting from November 2nd at a price of £45. On the other hand, Table Whisky, bottled at 43%, has an initial release of 3,000 bottles, and will be available for purchase starting November 7th at £35.

Both of these new whiskies will be available for purchase through the Leith Export Co. website and can also be found in-store at Lind & Lime and Port of Leith distilleries.


Perpetuity Batch #2 Review

Bottled at 46% ABV.

Perpetuity Batch #2 Composition:
Perpetuity Batch #1 10.9%
Miltonduff American Standard Barrel 6.5%
Fassiefern refill PX butt 33.4%
Invergordon Refill Sherry Butt 15.9%
North British Virgin Oak 14.5%
Glen Moray Refill Barrel 6.1%
North British Sherry Hogshead 12.9%

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Lots of grilled pineapple, apricots, nutmeg, fresh cherries and jam. On the finish blood orange marmalade on toast with cinnamon butter.

Table Whisky Review

Bottled at 43% ABV.

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Toffee popcorn paired with raspberry pavlova with plenty of buttercream topped with ginger cake, vanilla and cinnamon.

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