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New Isle of Jura Prophecy Single Malt Whisky

12th October 2009
The single malt that was foretold
Jura launches new legend-inspired single malt, Prophecy

A curse, a mystical seer and a fortune that came to pass 200 years later is the inspiration behind the newest edition to the award-winning Isle of Jura range, Jura Prophecy - a heavily peated single malt that harks back to the whisky that was brewing on the mysterious island centuries ago.

Prophecy, launching in October 2009, is a limited annual release single malt of only 1800 cases worldwide selling for an RRP of £56 per bottle.

The single malt is inspired by one the island’s most compelling tales – the true story of the wise old ‘seer’ who predicted the downfall of the illustrious Campbell clan who held reign on the Isle of Jura in the early 1700s.

During this reign, the Campbells evicted the seer – who was believed to have the gift of “the third eye” and the ability to see the future - from the island. As she left she foretold that the last Campbell would leave the island, one eyed and with all his worldly possessions held in one cart drawn by a solitary white horse.

More than 200 years later, in 1938, Charles Campbell, the last Campbell on the island left… with only one eye after being shot during World War 1, and with a cart drawn by a white horse.

Jura Prophecy possesses an alluring character and style to match the beguiling history of the beautiful Scottish island – it will be created in a traditional style without chill filtration at 46% ABV. With a lustrous copper gold and cherry wood hue, Jura Prophecy contains earthy notes of damp moss and peat coupled with bonfire smoke and Arbroath kippers to arouse the senses.

Jura Distiller Willie Cochrane is convinced that he is about to create another island legend with the launch of this new whisky. He said: “Prophecy is a dark and mysterious liquid that has powerful flavours of peat, cinnamon and spices and promises to utterly bewitch all who drink her. People will be drawn by the magical third eye on the bottle which symbolises the ability to tell the future.”

He concluded: “I don’t have the gift of the third eye, but I can say with confidence that Prophecy will be a modern day legend amongst whisky lovers.”

Although not yet officially launched, the Jura distillery submitted Prophecy for review at the recent prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition where it won a silver medal.

Jura Prophecy will be available from mid October at specialist retailers, including The Whisky Exchange priced around £56.

Jura Prophecy Tasting Notes

Colour: Rich, amber gold with shimmering highlights.

Nose: The tarry bonfire notes slowly give way to hints of soft liquorice and nutmeg.

Taste: Meticulously crafted from a selection of the finest and rarest aged Jura single malt whiskies, Prophecy is a profoundly peated spirit. Powerful flavours of peat smoke, fresh cinnamon and spicy sea spray lead the first assault.
Finally the tarry bonfire notes slowly give way to hints of soft liquorice and nutmeg.

Bottled in a traditional style without chill filtration to preserve the true character and deliver an authentic taste of 1938.

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