Whisky Focus - InchDairnie Plans For Next Five Years Of Wine Cask Seasoning

InchDairnie Plans For Next Five Years Of Wine Cask Seasoning

3rd August 2018
InchDairnie takes a meticulous approach to wine cask selection.

InchDairnie visit from Spanish cooperage - (l-r) Henk Meijer José Luis Rodriguez Juan Manuel Rodriguez Ian Palmer (Photo Eddie Baird)

Just a quick photo story to keep you up to date with what the folks at the InchDairnie distillery in Fife are up to and perhaps a hint about one of the styles of whisky we may see from the Fife distillery in the future.

You may recall that at the end of last year the distillery revealed that their first release will be a groundbreaking Scotch Rye whisky named Ryelaw which will be matured in new American oak casks, with the combination of the malted rye and fresh wood designed to create a distinctive take on the full spicy flavour, which rye whisky is renowned for.

Skylaw only accounts for around 20% of the distillery's 2 million litre output capacity each year, they also produce another main style of new make spirit which makes up 80% of its annual production, a new make spirit named Strathhenry, which is both peated and unpeated in style and will supply the company's partner Macduff International and be used in their blends such as Islay Mist and Lauder's.

As you know the cask a whisky matures in plays a very important part in how the final whisky turns out, and it seems the folks at the new InchDairnie Distillery in Fife which went into production in May 2016 are taking cask selection very seriously.

InchDairnie visit from Spanish cooperage - José Luis Rodriguez (Photo Eddie Baird)

Earlier this week the InchDairnie Distillery received a visit from Spanish cooperage Toneleria J.L. Rodriguez, the purpose of the visit was to inspect the quality of their Andalusian wine casks that were recently imported to the distillery from southern Spain.

This follows a visit from InchDairnie Managing Director Ian Palmer to the cooperage earlier this year to ensure the casks are fit for the distillery’s meticulous approach to making whisky.

InchDairnie visit from Spanish cooperage - Juan Manuel Rodriguez (Photo Eddie Baird)

Father and son coopers José Luis Rodriguez and Juan Manuel Rodriguez along with their export manager Henk Meijer travelled to Fife to meet Ian Palmer and agree plans for the next five years of cask production and seasoning. They tell me that the casks will be used to mature the summer, autumn and winter InchDairnie Single Malt Whiskies.

It isn't clear at this stage if any of InchDairnie's Scotch Rye, Ryelaw, will find its way into these Spanish Andalusian wine casks which could make for a rather interesting whisky or if it will only be InchDairnie single malt that will mature in these casks but the distilleries meticulous approach to cask selection and quality certainly bodes well for what is to come in the future.

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