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Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection £100,000 Showcase

12th November 2021
Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Showcase, a one-off £100,000 set of 17 single malt whiskies.

Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Showcase

Here is a very rare collection of drams put together by the independent Elgin based and still family owned and run whisky maker and bottler Gordon & MacPhail. This is a one-off collector’s item – the ultimate Christmas present if you like for one very lucky whisky enthusiast, and it is now available to buy at the eye watering price of £100,000.

If your pockets are deep enough for the £100,000 price tag then this is the 17 Scotch single malt whiskies that you will find in the collection put together by G & M:

  • Gordon & MacPhail 1953 from Strathisla Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1954 from Mortlach Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1957 from Glen Grant Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1961 from Mortlach Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1969 from Mortlach Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1965 from Glen Grant Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1966 from Longmorn Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1969 from Dallas Dhu Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1975 from Glenlossie Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1978 from Glen Grant Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1978 from Glenlivet Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1979 from Glenlivet Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1979 from Glen Albyn Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1979 from Glentauchers Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1981 from Coleburn Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1982 from St Magdalene Distillery
  • Gordon & MacPhail 1982 from Caperdonich Distillery

The collection is presented in a bespoke Scottish oak cabinet, the unique set includes seventeen 20cl bottles from Gordon & MacPhail’s Private Collection, each curated by Stephen Rankin, Director of Prestige.

If you are interested in buying the Private Collection Showcase don't hang around as there is only one showcase available which is currently on display at the spiritual home of Gordon & MacPhail in Elgin, the shop where the company was founded in 1895. The Private Collection Showcase is exclusively available at www.gordonandmacphail.com/our-whiskies/ranges/private-collection-showcase/

Private Collection Showcase Cabinet (Photo Credit Elliot Hatherley)

The hand-crafted cabinet has been designed and created by family-owned Method Studio, makers of exquisite, bespoke furniture.

Inside the cabinet, each single malt in the collection is recessed into a solid oak block crafted from one of the original whisky casks that cradled the spirit. The cabinet itself is lined in soft oatmeal leather from Andrew Muirhead & Son in Dalmarnock.

The whiskies themselves are among the rarest ever released by Gordon & MacPhail, personally selected by Director of Prestige Stephen Rankin, a fourth-generation member of the company’s owning family.

The label on each bottle has been designed to replicate those found on whiskies in the company’s inner sanctum, the sample room, used by Gordon & MacPhail to hone its unique experience of combining oak, spirit and time to create single malts found nowhere else. All hand-signed by Stephen, the labels regale several single malts from ‘lost’ distilleries, including St Magdalene in Linlithgow, Dallas Dhu and Caperdonich in Speyside and Glen Albyn from the Highlands. Many of the whiskies within the cabinet are sold out and will never be available to purchase again.

Stephen Rankin said: "Guided by similar philosophies of dedication, passion and attention to detail, we found a kindred spirit in Method Studios when searching for a partner for this truly unique project.

"The cabinet is unlike anything we have done before and is a chance to own a piece of Scotland’s whisky history. It’s a labour of love, from the meticulous process of our whisky experts pairing the spirit with the cask to the precision and talent of the cabinet makers, each built up over decades of experience.

"The result is a celebration of the patience and dedication that comes with true craftsmanship."

Marisa Giannasi, architect and designer from Method Studio said: "The doors of the cabinet alone are made up of over one hundred individual component parts machined to a tolerance of less than a quarter of a millimetre. The natural grain of these parts has been meticulously arranged and aligned so that the precision-mitred facade flows uninterrupted, like liquid around the piece.

"Being surrounded by trees, water and wildlife, as well as the changing seasons, has a strong influence on our work and on the material-driven, gleefully hands-on atmosphere we endeavour to weave into the fabric of each project.

"This care and attention to every fine detail is a hallmark of Method's work – a value we very much share with the expert family team at Gordon & MacPhail."

As well as the complex and dramatic ‘gullwing’ doors, the solid brass plaque on the front of the chest has been engraved, polished and expertly finished by traditional craftsmen in Birmingham's legendary jewellery quarter – among the last artisans capable of this level of finely detailed work.

If the Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Showcase is a little beyond your budget then you can still explore the current Gordon & MacPhail range which you will find available from specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt

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