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The Glenlivet Alpha Mystery Malt

17th May  2013
The Glenlivet challenges whisky connoisseurs to master their senses with the release of a rare and mysterious single malt - The Glenlivet Alpha.

The Glenlivet Alpha, the latest whisky from The Glenlivet which has been launched in a very unique way. The Glenlivet is pioneering an innovative new approach to flavour with the launch of The Glenlivet Alpha; a new, mystery expression released without cask information, age or tasting notes, all we know is it was bottled at 50% ABV.

Presented in a black bottle to preserve the mystery, you are encouraged to let sight, smell and taste lead your experience of The Glenlivet Alpha. Whisky connoisseurs familiar with the Glenlivet range of whisky will be able to identify its signature style but also discover a new flavour palate due to the inclusion of never-before-released spirits.

The Glenlivet Alpha was released in May and each week up until June the Glenlivet are issuing a new challenge on their Facebook page and The Glenlivet website, which will slowly unravel the secrets of the mysterious Glenlivet Alpha. The Glenlivet is encouraging whisky enthusiasts to complete a number of sensory challenges where they will be encouraged to explore The Glenlivet Alpha's  complex flavours.

Whisky enthusiasts will also have an opportunity to interact with distillery insiders such as Master Distiller Alan Winchester on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and test their knowledge or gain a greater understanding as to which factors contribute to the whisky’s final character and flavour.

Master Distiller Alan Winchester commented, "Flavour is a multi-sensory experience: one that combines the subtleties of sight and sensation in the mouth, in addition to taste and smell. By withholding information on the casks used to create The Glenlivet Alpha and encouraging people to use their senses, I hope they will gain a greater appreciation of its particular flavour, and expand their understanding of the great complexity and depth of our unique single malt whisky. I can’t wait to hear people’s reactions."

At 12.30pm on June 6th, the mystery behind The Glenlivet Alpha will be revealed by Master Distiller Alan Winchester in a global video broadcast to The Glenlivet fans on www.theglenlivet.com and on the brand’s Facebook page.

If you fancy putting your senses to the test before June 6th then head over The Glenlivet web site or Facebook page where The Glenlivet will help you master your senses and perhaps help you unlock the secret behind The Glenlivet Alpha.

Nikki Burgess, International Brand Director for The Glenlivet, says: "The Glenlivet is famous for its smooth, full bodied flavour and with the launch of The Glenlivet Alpha we’re excited to be exploring this in an original way. This is the first time anyone has launched a ‘blind’ whisky in this way and we are confident that this innovative campaign will excite whisky drinkers and help them to truly appreciate single malt and understand the flavours they taste in The Glenlivet’s award-winning range."

With only 3,350 bottles worldwide, The Glenlivet Alpha will be available in USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Andorra, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, India and South Africa and will retail at £99.

The Glenlivet Alpha Tasting Notes

I recently took part in The Glenlivet Tweet Tasting which was organised by Steve Rush of thewhiskywire.com I warmed up for the main event with some old friends, namely the Glenlivet 12, 15 and 18 year old then I moved on to the the Glenlivet mystery malt, The Glenlivet Alpha, this is what my senses told me about the Alpha:

William Morrison's Tasting Notes:

Colour: Burnished copper.

Nose: A very enticing nose on the Alpha, I would say this is no young thing this is a mature beauty. I know already I will like this. Vanilla, coconut, caramelised orange, bit of cherry, sugar almonds. Apple, some lemon meringue.

Taste: Velvety smooth. After a few mouthfuls some delicious rich fruit mandarin some cherry brandy coated in a lovely vanilla icing sugar getting more spicy. Another mouthful and it is getting more zesty and and a touch of spice, love it.

Finish: Honey, bit of spice, sweet candied fruit, cinnamon, a bit of oak.

Comment: I have to say I really did enjoy this. When all is revealed on the 6th June I will be very surprised if this turns out to be a young whisky, my senses tell me this is a mature whisky, perhaps early 20's. Given the Glenlivet worldwide age matters campaign over the past year I really couldn't see them releasing a young whisky. The Glenlivet have done a excellent job putting this whisky together, it still has the Glenlivet we know and love at its base but there is something new in here giving it a delicious sweet candied fruitiness which I think fans of the Glenlivet will love and I think we will be surprised when The Glenlivet announce what exactly makes up the Alpha. It seemed to sell out very quickly here in the UK and if you managed to get a bottle, in my opinion you have a a very unique, outstanding expression of The Glenlivet, enjoy!

SMW Score 93/100

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