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Glen Flagler Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Lilly Loch
Inverhouse Distillers Ltd
Glen Flagler Limited Edition Cask Strength 1973 29 Year Old
Glen Flagler which is sometimes known as Glenflagler was housed within the large Moffat (Garnheath) grain distillery complex which was located near Airdrie. The complex was originally a paper mill which was acquired and converted into a large whisky distillery complex by Inverhouse Distillers Ltd on behalf of its then American parent company Publicker Distillers Inc.

The complex was primarily constructed to produce grain whisky for the Inverhouse blends but it also produced Glen Flagler single malt as well as Islebrae, a peaty Lowland single malt (15 ppm phenols) and the lightly peated Killyloch single malt whisky. The large whisky complex also housed a malting's, storage warehouses and a large blending and bottling plant.

Other than the column stills and other equipment that was used to produce the Garnheath grain whisky, the Moffat distillery complex also housed the pot stills to produce 3 different single malt whiskies, facts regarding the number of pot stills which operated at Moffat seem to have got lost in time, some sources say there was 2, some 4 stills and some say 6 but what we do know for sure is that Glen Flagler was produced from 1965 until 1985. Islebrae was phased out in 1970 and Killyloch followed soon after in the early 1970's. Garnheath grain distillery closed soon after Glen Flagler and the site was demolished in 1988. The Moffat sites warehousing, blending and bottling plant still remain as Inver House Distillers’ headquarters until this day.

An interesting fact about the Glen Flagler single malt is that it was produced using traditional pot stills from 1965 until 1969 when it moved to a bourbon style of production where the wash was run through a continuous beer still and then a pot still.

Most of the Glen Flagler single malt found its way in to the Inver house blends such as Mac Arthur's and Pinwinnie but some, although very little has been been bottled as single malt placing it amongst one of the rarest Scotch single malt whiskies you are likely to come across. Perhaps Inverhouse have a few barrels ageing in their warehouses and we will see them released in years to come, here's hoping.

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Glen Flagler Bottlings

Glen Esk offer you the following choice of single malts:
  • Signatory Glenflagler 1970 23 Year Old
  • Signatory Glenflagler 1972 23 Year Old
  • Glen Flagler 8 year old
  • Glen Flagler Limited Edition Cask Strength 1973 29 Year Old
  • Glen Flagler Pure Malt 8 Year Old
  • You will find a range of Glen Flagler single malt including very rare vintages available from top whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange.


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