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Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve

5th March 2020
Glenfarclas has released the next instalment in their Pagoda Series and the oldest release from the distillery to date, the Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve 62 Year Old.

Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve MagnumGlenfarclas has just released their oldest whisky to date, Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve 62 Year Old which was distilled in 1954 and bottled in 2017 although they are only now releasing the whisky for sale as the next instalment in the Pagoda Series. It is a limited edition release which is rather uniquely presented in a Glencairn decanter featuring hand-mounted precious rubies.

The Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve which was matured in a single sherry butt, Cask No. 445, and bottled at 44.8% ABV joins the critically acclaimed Pagoda Reserve Trilogy, that comprises rare whiskies aged 43, 48 and 59 years old. A further addition to the Pagoda Reserve Series will be released later this year with the Pagoda Sapphire Reserve 63 years old.

The Glenfarclas Ruby Reserve is available in two editions:
  • Limited Edition Silver, 180 bottles (700ml) and 62 magnums available
  • Collector’s Edition Gold, only 50 bottles (700ml) and 50 magnums available.

Scottish family business, Glencairn Crystal, specially created these luxury decanters to contain the rare whiskies for the Pagoda Reserve Series produced from the highest quality hand blown 30% lead crystal, renowned for its ultra-clarity.

The Pagoda Ruby Reserve decanter is a showcase of Glencairn's bespoke craftsmanship, as their first decanter ever to encase hand-mounted precious gemstones. The front age statement features 34 hand-picked and colour matched rubies to construct the number 62, to highlight the significance of the age of the whisky.

George Grant of Glenfarclas Distillery commented: "I take great pleasure in releasing this extremely rare 1954, single sherry butt cask 62 year old. The Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve is a rare piece of Scotch whisky heritage and one of the oldest whiskies on the marketAs you can imagine you will need deep pockets to get a hold of a bottle of the Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve 62 Year Old with prices ranging from £22,716 (ex VAT) for the Limited Edition Silver 700 ml decanters, to £53,546 (ex VAT) for the Collector’s Edition Gold magnum decanters (1.5 litres).

The Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve will be available from specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop and Master of Malt

If the price tag on the Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve is out of your reach then perhaps you may be interested in the Glenfarclas 1954 Cask 1259 Family Cask Summer 2014 Release which is on a Flash Sale in Master of Malt today for £3,999 which is a huge £5,000 saving.

Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve Review

Producer's Tasting Notes:

Colour: Deep amber.

Nose: Endlessly dark and wintery. Espresso and dark bitter chocolate make a powerful first impression, alongside notes of tart blackberry and gooseberries. Rich spices appear as the whisky wakes up: cloves and nutmeg with some candied orange sweetness balancing a slight astringency.

Taste: More citrus notes, especially cloves in oranges, appear alongside the darker sherried fruits, and heavy Christmas spices weigh down the already robust palate.

Finish: An astounding, long finish that is a journey of flavours in itself. Bitter cocoa nibs, old leather and a leafy green edge lead to tobacco and cigar smoke trailing behind.

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