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Glayva Whisky Liqueur

Glayva is a  Scottish whisky liqueur based on honey, spices and herbs.

Glayva is a smooth and unique taste experience that is worth discovering and sharing. Its origins can be traced back to the early days of the last century in the busy port of Leith, east of Edinburgh, where ships would arrive laden with goods from all corners of the globe. It was from this rich mixture of fruits and spices from around the world that Ronald Morrison (a member of the Invergordon family of distillers) got the inspiration to create Glayva. People's reaction to his creation was, "Glayva" meaning "very good" in Scots Gaelic - the name was born.

Glayva Whisky Liqueur Tasting Notes

Glayva Whisky Liqueur.

Best served over ice. The mature whisky recipe gives Glayva its initial bite. The oranges, almonds, herbs and spices are there to be savoured and as it gently slips over you are left experiencing the rewarding afterglow. Glayva should be sipped and every drop should be relished.

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Glayva offer you the following choice of whisky liqueurs:
  • Glayva.
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