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Longmorn GM 12 year x 2 V Longmorn OB 15 year x 2

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PostPosted: Sat May 29, 2021 12:59 pm    Post subject: Longmorn GM 12 year x 2 V Longmorn OB 15 year x 2 Reply with quote

Longmorn H2H tonight, x 4

[b]Longmorn Glenlivet 12 year GM 70 proof early 1970’s Pure Malt
Score 92/91/91
Longmorn Glenlivet 12 year GM 40% early 1980’s Finest Highland Malt
Score 88/91/90
Longmorn 15 year OB 43% +/- 1990 Pure Highland Malt (cream label)
Score 86/91/90
Longmorn 15 year OB 45% +/- 2000 Highland Single Malt (brown label)
Score 86/90/89

It is worth mentioning with the glasses side by side is that the older GM bottles are a fair bit darker than the official bottles

Nose compared
The 70 proof GM is by far the best and even different to it’s GM younger sibling. Though the younger one does get somewhat similar after time in the glass.
They smell much older than the OB
The OB are lighter and both have a grassy/cereal note where the GM have an aged sherry nose.

Palate compared
There is no denying the depth of profile on the GM bottles the 70 proof initially tasted quite a bit better than the 40% but with time in the glass it was similar. The OB are lighter and even though they were 43% 45% they had less power but here is the thing, they were just as enjoyable in their own way, not as expressive but what I would call silky smooth.
I would certainly guess that the GM bottles had a high proportion of first fill, whereas the OB were 2nd fill, not sure if there were any bourbon casks in the OB?
I have always liked the brown label OB, they are always worth a punt at auction.

I suppose I should have tried them against a later Longmorn but all things considered this was one of the best H2H I have done in a long time.

It is also worth noting that the later GM 12 year were much closer to the OB certainly from 2000 onwards, being lighter in the sherried style, I still liked them and had a few bottles.

Tasting notes:

GM 12 year 70 proof 75.7cl

First thing to say is that this has a very nice nose on rich sherry mixed with walnuts, hints of orange, ginger and a little raspberry, I love it.
There is no way on this planet that the oldest whisky in this batting was only 12 years old, there must be some approaching 15 years old possibly older to pad it out, there is also some oak which I was not expecting but the rich fruity Sherry just about smothers it and as you go on it does get sweeter but it would be perfect if it was just a little sweeter.
Maybe water will do the trick?
No is the answer but there is a definite change with minimal water, softer more delicate, so flavoursome
Keeps going, gets a real spice kick on the tail, wonderful
An old GM wonder this smells and tastes much older than the stated 12 years.
Packed with flavour, a belter, I love it.

GM 12 year 40% 75cl


I have left this in the glass for 10 minutes and it has really improved and much more like the 70 proof WB is 33540.
Really full on, flavours coming out from all angles , this is full of raspberry truffle, rich sherry, but also pot pourri and caramel, this is not as expressive as the 70 proof

Now this is similar to the 70 proof which is great, there is burnt honeycomb, so cinder toffee then?
I also detect a trace of peat which the 70 proof did not have, the balance again is great nothing off key, the Sherry never overpowers.
The fruit is stewed, not that sweet , we are talking about blackcurrants mixed with hints of blueberry, very juicy..
With water the flavours increase, excellent

Another long one with flavours tightly combined, oozes class and flavour.

Similar to the Euro bottle 70 proof, excellent GM the 2 15 year OBafter this will have a hard job to live up to here.

15 year OB 43% cream label, cork stopper

A big cereal note, mixing with a delicate Sherry is my first thought.
The cereal note dominates and I swear I get hints of Edam cheese?
With time in the glass a barley sugar note appears.
This is really spicy and also very juicy, really good balance, the Sherry is light mixing with sugared almonds, honey and very faint menthol.
it is the balance on show that works so well here, excellent.
With water this improves even more, this is bloody lovely.
Long finish, remaining sweet, and starting to get syrupy.
Class in a glass, lovely stuff, the nose drags the average score down to 89 but that is unfair as the palate and finish are really good so 90 points is a fair reflection.

OB 15 year 45% brown label

This has been in the glass for about half an hour with a lid on and like the previous older 15 year this also has a big cereal note but this is more perfumed on the nose.
Parma violets spring to mind mixing with a bowl od for porridge.
The palate is better than the nose and has a sweet shop sweetness about it but the overusing taste is sugared almonds
Balance i a good and a peppery spice note emerges which lifts things and with a little water, it gets sweeter and lighter, the balance is really good.
Excellent, getting even sweeter, the spice fading slightly and fades on a sweet tail
Another quality longmorn[[/u]
Pour me a glass please.
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