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Grant's 50 years apart Family Reserve 2021 v Stand Fast 1970

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2021 12:08 pm    Post subject: Grant's 50 years apart Family Reserve 2021 v Stand Fast 1970 Reply with quote

Grants 2021 Family Reserve v 1970 Grant’s Standfast 70 proof white label.

Family reserve 2021 available in most supermarkets.
Standfast late 60`s early 70's bottle with Glenfiddich Crest on the neck label, only older bottles had this label.


Marmalade, brown toast, peanuts? But more fruit this time round, kiwi,mango and peach syrup, olive oil, faint yeast, but different to last time i can smell the grain that is mixed in with some vanilla

This is really good as I am getting the same DNA as the Family Reserve just more of everything.
There is something mineral about this one, it almost has an industrial, dirty gritty quality with all the smells of an engineering workshop (I used to work in them)
There is the old musty chemical smell that is the hallmark of long OBE and it adds to the complexity.
There is some mandarine , yellow plum, a big cereal note from the grain, industrial cleaning products, that sort of thing.


Really creamy with a lovely fruit edge, on sweet green apple, plum with hints of mango, what I like about this is the balance of the grain that adds some toffee sweetness, there is a hint of ginger and other spices with a dash of sweet peat and the sherry content is also well defined.

This has a minerality of a level that is very rare in any whisky, it has a dirty side, like the nose suggested , it is oily, mouth coating but not too heavy.
There is an excellent sweet icing note like on the tiny round biscuits sold in a bag with a blob of icing on the top that kids used to get.
There is some peat that mixes beautifully with the sherry, a little spice note, sweet caramel, faintest hint of chocolate lime sweets,
There are hints of ginger pudding and then the grain bites your tongue and adds a little oomph if you will.
Excellent, i am blown away by this to be honest


Candy sweetness mixed with Highland Toffee, remaining sweet, very nice
This is so inofensive, anyone could drink this, I like it

Not a long finish, remaining sweet, spicy and then right at the end a hint of chemical which knocks it down a few points possibly even slightly soapy?
Not sure what it is to be honest, possibly burnt rubber so hard to decipher
Not a spoiling taste but an unusual one more than anything , could be the OBE.




The latest Grant's is an easy sipper, not complicated , on the sweet side and in my view worth the purchase.
The 1970 has a much greater depth of profile, being quite mineral and earthy, almost dirty which is something I like in a whisky.
Pour me a glass please.
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