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Clynelish Managers Dram v 1969 12 v FF CS v 1972 Adelphi

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2021 11:42 pm    Post subject: Clynelish Managers Dram v 1969 12 v FF CS v 1972 Adelphi Reply with quote

Clynelish H2H

Managers Dram 17 year 1998 61.8% OB
Clynelish 1969 12 year 56.9% OB (A Brora really, clynelish in name only)
Clynelish 1982 15 year Flora & Fauna 57.7% OB
Clynelish 1972 28 year 57.3% cask 14624 Adelphi

Managers Dram with this particular bottle there is no use getting only 1cl or even 2cl, this is one of the exceptions where you definitely need to either have a full bottle to play around with or a good sized sample of at least 3cl minimum preferably 4 - 5 cl


1 - managers dram 17 year
As per last notes in 2018 but also coal tar soap just not as powerful as that but same scent, great stuff.

2 - 1969
Surprisingly light and creamy, all on pear, green apple & green apple skins with lashings of cream, pastry notes and a hint of brine and the faintest hint of peat and some vanilla.
Smells like an older style of malt than the managers, which it obviously is.

3 - ff
A big cereal note is the first thing that hits you, cream, hint of peat and vanilla,
Closed not particularly expressive.
Slightly ashy

4 - 1972 adelphi
Same sort of dna as the ff but with a dirty angle, in a good way, coal tar soap, lucozade, brine , pear and apple & white/yellow gummy bears

Result nose neat
1- managers 17 95
2 - 1969 12 year 94
3 - 1972 adelphi but almost as good as the 69 93
4 - FF 1982 cs 92

Palate neat

1 managers-
wham, bam thank you mam, holy shit, power/peat and massess of stewed fruit
More peat than i remember, and zingy, = notes from 2018 - 95

2 - 1969
Completely different to the managers, more subtle , not as powerful with a lovely cream note, hints of lime and lemon, much cleaner and sharper but i like the dirty note in the managers
Reminds me of some of the nest douglas laing brora but sweeter
excellent 95

3 ff
- this is really similar to the 1969 in it’s profile with the cream, lemon and lime angle just not quite as deep and more elegant than either the MD OR THE 1969 and there is more peat, this is approaching an islay dram for the level of peat in here 93

Another sweet one but not as refined as the 69 or ff. a little peat or so i thought btt then a wave of spicy peat lashes your tongue and it is really nice, there is a little white fruit, pepper and pastry not as complex as the other 3 92

1= managers 95
1= 1969 95
2- ff 93
3 - 1972, 92

5 drops of water from a pipette

Managers is a little sweeter, parma violet note, marshmallow (pink)
1969 more cream , more expressive more spirit than md, gummy bears
Ff no change more distant than than above, possibley a little metallic
1972 more fruit, plum, rhubarb, gooseberry

Clear winner

1 md more going on**
2 1972
3 1969 smells younger than md
4 ff


Md 17 silky at first but then a hand grenade of peat and masses of spice

1969, so sweet and silky smooth at first but then the peat arrives, not silky now but still great for sure

Ff - the water has calmed it down and it is like a rougher version of the 12 until the peat assaults your tongue, different, unique almost, very good

1972 - now this is a lot sweeter with water, less peat now than the other 3 but really tasty, excellent

Unable to decide
So try again
Md, great flavour, so powerful, rips your tongue off, i love it 1
1969 more cereal, nice peat and spice 2
Ff so creamy, full of cereals the peat is invasive water has released untapped peat power, jesus christ
1972 Very nice , more peat, great fruit

1 md 95
2 1972 94
3 ff 93
4 1969 but more refined than all the others, sweeter just not as powerful 93


MD 17 - 94
1972 - 94
1969 - 93
FF 93

you can see how close they are, a very difficult one to score as they were all so good
Pour me a glass please.
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