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Royal Brackla 1924 60 year 40% OB

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 8:28 pm    Post subject: Royal Brackla 1924 60 year 40% OB Reply with quote


Now that is the type of nose you do not get very often, it is really delicate, fragile if you will, almost like it is holding itself together.
There is a really nice yellow plum note, with fresh warm brioche, treacle, syrup that sort of thing but not in a heavy way.
Ever so slightly vegetal and farmy but it is well hidden amongst the sherry notes, after a few minutes there is a little orange and milk chocolate.
With a whisky this old it is difficult to know what to expect especially at 40%, so here’s hoping this is not on the thin side?
Before tasting it, I decided to leave it for 5 minutes in the glass with a lid on it, I believe I have used the wrong glass , a wide bottomed Glenncairn, when I should have used a thin tulip glass, what was I thinking, knowing this was only 40%?
Anyway, going back to it, there is a little oat/readybrek note and orange or old style Lucozade note.
Everything is there but you need to look for it,
This is way more delicate than the 1956 Glenfiddich Intertrade which, has one of the best delicate noses I have had.
With 4 small drops of water, the nose is more expressive with a little more fruit and the faintest hint of honey now.
Leaving it even longer I swear I get a slight cheese note and then a little breakfast marmalade.
Finally a little stem ginger


It is quite thick, chewy and creamy and yes there is some oak and my first impression is that the wood and the abv are detrimental to the taste but let’s see.
If I was talking positives I would say this is all front loaded and there is a slightly bitter plum and apricot in the mix, but it is faint.
The wood is definitely holding what little fruit there is at bay
4 very small drops of water are added, and there is a little more taste to go at but the wood is starting to dominate and there is a smattering of peat but it is well in the back ground.
There could be so many positives here but ultimately it is a on the flat side, there is no lift off with the palate which is such a shame.

Here is the quirky bit, I really like the finish, not because of the flavours but just how it f[/b]eels in my throat, pleasantly warming is how I would describe it.

In reality what do you expect after 60 years in a cask and then 36 or 37 years in a bottle , the cask has had it's day, the wood has spoiled it, I can see why they bottled it, this is a trophy piece and a evidence of the old ways so with my nostalgia head on this ticks all the boxes.
However, this is definately one for collectors, as a taste experience it is a flawd old wonder, the taste lets you know of the great things that once were before the wood overshadowed them, I suppose this muct have been near 40% when they found the cask, but even watering down a few % abv would in my view be unforgivable.
Great to taste this old wonder, glad to get a sample but I cannot give a high score, as tastes goes it falls flat, promising a lot but not delivering on all levels really.
This is the 3rd or 4th oldest vintage of whisky I have tasted, always a pleasure tasting whisky that was made when production methods were so different
Pour me a glass please.
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