Whisky Focus - Father's Day Whisky Gift Ideas

Father's Day Whisky Gift Ideas

11th June 2024
If you are looking for a Father's Day whisky gift idea here a few from Loch Lomond Groups portfolio of whiskies that wont break the bank and I am sure will put a smile on your dads face.

Scotch whisky is undoubtedly a taste of luxury which spends years in the making and it is without a doubt the ideal gift for any whisky loving Dad, and there is a taste of luxury within everyone's reach no matter what their budget is.

this time of year I often get inundated with requests for suggestions for Fathers Day Whisky Gifts, everyone is of course looking for the perfect gift, something special, perhaps something their Dad hasn't tried before, so if you are still looking for a Father's Day whisky gift for your whisky loving dad here are a few ideas from the Loch Lomond Group's portfolio of whiskies which wont bust the bank (all around 40) and I am sure will be well received as the Loch Lomond Group does offer a rather impressive range of very good quality whiskies these days from their Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia single malts as well as their Scotch blended malt whisky range Noble Rebel.

Glen Scotia Double Cask

Glen Scotia Double CaskGlen Scotia Double Cask single malt whisky is a great introduction to the whisky produced at the Glen Scotia distillery in Campbeltown and certainly one for those who enjoy a big sherried whisky. Initially matured in first fill American bourbon barrels then finished for 12 months in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, as you would expect from a PX cask finish, the sherry casks have resulted in quite a rich, spicy and fruity dram with notes of toffee, a good introduction to Glen Scotia and definitely for those who enjoy a big sherried whisky..

My thoughts on Glen Scotia Double Cask: "A very promising dram that you could nose all day, and just as I expected on the palate for a young whisky which has spent 12 months in a PX cask, a big intense sherried dram."

SMW Whisky Score 85/100

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Loch Lomond Steam & Fire

Loch Lomond Steam FireLoch Lomond Steam and Fire was only launched summer 2023, distilled in a combination of Straight Neck and traditional Swan Neck Pot Stills. Maturation takes place within first-fill Bourbon barrels and refill American Oak casks. This single malt then has a 10-month long finishing period in heavily charred American Oak casks.

My thoughts on Loch Lomond Steam and Fire: "
A very gentle nose, the gentle smoke, oak does build and cling more to the palate after a few mouthfuls and comes more to the forefront, the fruit doesn't hang around long."

SMW Whisky Score 81/100

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Noble Rebel Orchard Outburst

Noble Rebel Orchard BurstThis is one of a trio of Scotch Blended Malt Whiskies launched by the Loch Lomond Group in early 2023 which make up the Noble Rebel Scotch Blended Malt Whisky range. At the heart of Noble Rebel blended malt whiskies are a blend of single malt whiskies which have been distilled at the Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia distilleries as well as whiskies from some undisclosed trusted partners of the Loch Lomond Group.

Noble Rebel Orchard Burst has been matured in American ex-bourbon casks. This intriguing malt contains whisky distilled with Chardonnay wine yeast, an unusual ingredient in whisky distillation which helps to intensify fruit and citrus flavours in the finished blend.

My thoughts on Noble Rebel Orchard Burst: "
As it names suggests, a lovely intense orchard burst and those orchard fruits are given a delicious boost by the sugars and gentle spices, all served up at a flavoursome non-chill filtered, naturally coloured 46% ABV. A very smooth, very enjoyable, easy drinking dram, an ideal pour over the summer months or indeed anytime."

SMW Blended Malt Whisky Score 89/100

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Noble Rebel  Hazelnut Harmony

Noble Rebel Hazelnut HarmonyNext in the Noble Rebel Scotch blended malt line-up is Hazelnut Harmony, this one was finished in toasted American oak casks.

My thoughts on Noble Rebel Hazelnut Harmony: "
A gentle hazelnut note, the barley sugars, vanilla and fruit are more apparent but dig deep and you will find the hazelnut thread running from nose to finish. Another very easy drinker where the spices build with each mouthful adding to the flavour pleasure."

SMW Blended Malt Whisky Score 85/100

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Noble Rebel Smoke Symphony

Noble Rebel Smoke SymphonyAs its name suggest Noble Rebel Symphony is infused with threads of peat smoke, you will also find a lovely berry fruitiness thanks to its finish in Rioja wine casks.

My thoughts on Noble Rebel Smoke Symphony: "
A delicious balance of sugar charged grape and peat combine to make a outstanding whisky. Whether you are a seasoned peaty whisky fan or you are new to it this is one to try."

SMW Blended Malt Whisky Score 89/100

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