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The Epicurean Rivesaltes Finish Limited Edition

13th August 2020
Douglas Laing releases the third expression in the Epicurean Wood Series, The Epicurean Rivesaltes Finish.

The Epicurean Rivesaltes Wine FinishWhisky maker and independent bottler Douglas Laing & Co has just released a limited edition expression of their Lowland blended malt whisky, The Epicurean. The third release in their The Epicurean Wood Series, The Epicurean Rivesaltes Finish has as its title tells you matured a Rivesaltes wine cask, a wine which I am sure even many wine drinkers are unfamiliar with which is no surprise as the wine gets little or no press.

Rivesaltes wine is very much a hidden gem from the town Rivesaltes in the south-west corner of the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region of France, it could be said to be a three-way cross between sherry, port, and Madeira wine, essentially a sweet wine which I would expect to bring sweet candied flavours to The Epicurean malt whisky but the other flavours it brings will be dependent on whether it was red or white Rivesaltes casks used to finish this latest Epicurean wood finished dram.

Bottled at what should be a flavoursome alcohol strength of 48% ABV, it is offered as you would expect from Douglas Laing without chill-filtration or artificial colouring. With this innovative series, The Epicurean seeks to demonstrate that flavour is created throughout the Whisky-making process but most significantly during the interaction between the spirit when it is in oak casks.

The Epicurean Rivesaltes Finish was initially matured in American Oak wood barrels before being re-racked into hand-selected Rivesaltes Single Casks for a second maturation period of more than twelve months. The result, Douglas Laing tells me, is a full-bodied Malt with layers of complexity and character, with a sweet, honeyed style showing sugared cereal, milk chocolate, hazelnuts and crystallised citrus fruits.

Chris Leggat, Managing Director, who selected the Rivesaltes casks used said: "The Epicurean brand is growing well its spirit quality coupled with its versatile style is increasingly recognised but from time to time, we like to experiment and innovate with this Malt as it lends itself so well to cask finishes. The cask and the Whisky add their own unique personalities and with this Rivesaltes finish, the outcome is a balanced marriage of cask and spirit character we are delighted with the result."

Only two Single Casks of The Epicurean Rivesaltes Finish has been released, it is presented in a premium gift tube adorned with the usual artistry from the creative folks at Douglas Laing and has a RRP 59.99 and will be available from specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt

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