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Own Your Own Cask Of Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky

7th June 2017
The Cotswolds Distillery are offering a limited number of single malt whisky casks for sale to the public.

Cask ownership - buy a cask of The Cotswolds Distillery single malt whisky.

Are looking for a unique Father's Day gift for your whisky mad dad, something which he can treasure for years to come or perhaps you just want to spoil yourself? Have you considered buying your very own cask of single malt whisky. The Cotswolds Distillery are offering you the chance to purchase your very own limited edition cask of their first ever Single Malt whisky.

They are offering you or the opportunity to visit the distillery - based in the leafy Warwickshire countryside - fill your very own numbered cask and watch it age into the distillery’s distinctive Single Malt, the first to be distilled in this area of the UK.

Containing 200 litres of the premium spirit, the barrels are American oak first-fill ex-Bourbon, delivering a traditional finish with characteristic vanilla, honey and tropical fruit flavour notes. These perfectly complement the light, fruity character of the distillery’s spirit, which was awarded 94/100 ‘Liquid Gold’ in the last two editions of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

If early reviews of the spirit the Cotswold's Company produces is anything to go by their whisky could prove to be something special in years to come and owning a cask of their first ever single malt could possibly be a good investment whether you choose to bottle and drink it or sell it on in years to come. It is also worth baring in mind that fewer distilleries offer cask ownership these days so it isn't an opportunity that comes along often, but don't hang around if you are interested as only a limited number of casks are available.

Ten years’ storage in the distillery’s bonded warehouse will be provided, but lucky recipients can opt to age their whisky for as long as they want, perfecting the liquid to suit their palette with annual check ins.

A certificate of ownership and expert advice from their team of whisky connoisseurs will also be included in the £2,995 price tag.

The Cotswold's Distillery Cask Ownership details:

  • The price includes up to ten years’ ageing in The Cotswold's Distillery bonded warehouse, insurance and the spirit itself.
  • An annual sampling process that takes a 100ml sample from your barrel is included free of charge.
  • You may choose the time at which to bottle your whisky, at which stage you will be responsible for bottling and labelling costs, excise duty and VAT,
  • The amount of time you age your Cotswolds Single Malt beyond the mandatory three years is up to you, putting you in charge of the final flavour. The distillery will be on hand to offer any advice you require on the process.
  • Or you may choose to bottle 1/3 of the cask with no additional costs, in exchange for which we keep the remaining 2/3.
  • Or if you change your mind further down the line you can always sell your cask back to the distillery.
  • After ten years, additional storage and insurance can be purchased for an annual charge of £25.
  • Excise duty will be payable when you come to bottle your cask. The current rate is £28.74 per litre of pure alcohol (LPA). VAT will also be payable at this stage.
  • The cask will be hand-bottled in the distillery's facilities at the prevailing rate; currently £4 per bottle. This charge includes label design and printing, bottles and corks, as well as the bottling on their own line here at the distillery.

Only a limited number of casks are available for purchase. Visit www.cotswoldsdistillery.com and give your dad the gift he deserves this Father’s Day.

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