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Coleburn Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Glen Burn
Coleburn Distillery was built in 1896. It lies to the east of the River Lossie between Elgin and Rothes. The location was chosen for the water supply and the Great Northern Railway which ran close by. In 1916 the distillery was bought by the Clynelish Distillery Company which then became part of DCL in 1930. It became a key component of Usher’s blends and also contributed to Johnnie Walker blends. Coleburn was mothballed by the present owners in 1985. Most of the original buildings remain but it is unlikely that the distillery will produce whisky again.

Coleburn was only a small distillery producing small amounts of malt and bottlings of Coleburn malt whisky are becoming harder to find as time goes on.  So if you have ever fancied trying this malt you had better not leave it too long as the distillery has been closed for 20 years now and bottlings are becoming quite rare.

Coleburn Tasting Notes

Coleburn Single Malt.
Sorry no tasting notes available but it is known that the house style for the Coleburn distillery is: Dry, lively. Aperitif.

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Coleburn Bottlings

Coleburn offer you the following choice of single malts:
  • Coleburn 1979 21 Year Old Rare Malt Series.
  • 1972 28 Year Old Bottled 2000.
  • 1967 34 Year Old Platinum Selection Bottled 2002.
  • 1970 36 Year Old Wine Treated Puncheon Bottled March 2006.
  • More rare vintage and independent bottlings are available from specialist whisky shops such as
    The Whisky Exchange.

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