Blackadder Whisky Independent Bottler

Blackadder Whisky Independent Bottler

Blackadder was founded in 1995 by Robin Tucek who you may know as co-author with John Lamond of the popular whisky book "The Malt Whisky File: The Essential Guide for the Malt Whisky Connoisseur."

Blackadder believes in bottling only whiskies that are completely natural and all Blackadder whiskies are Robin Tucek's personal selection.

Robins challenge, is to select and bottle only individual casks as naturally as possible. To ensure this they only give their whiskies a light filtration to remove any cask particles that may otherwise get into the bottle. Blackadder Raw Cask whiskies, however, are completely unfiltered.

All Blackadder whiskies are single cask bottlings. This also applies to whiskies bottled under all Blackadder International labels such as; Aberdeen Distillers, Clydesdale Original and Caledonian Connections whiskies. Every cask is different, thus making a hugely complex and varied selection of different whiskies available to choose from.

Each cask is chosen to represent one of the very best examples of its type and age. No two casks of whisky are ever exactly alike, because the type of oak used and the conditions under which it is stored will both influence the ultimate spirit produced. Blackadder whiskies therefore offer the widest possible variety of singular taste experiences.

Most of the bottlings are bottled at 43% - 45% ABV but there are also some cask strength expressions. They release around 100 new bottlings each year.

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