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Berry Bros. & Rudd 2024 Glens & Valleys Collection

1st July 2024
Berry Bros. & Rudd has launched a new spirits collection exploring 'A Sense of Place', the collection will be released in two parts, the first part, Glens & Valleys includes 10 Scottish whisky distilleries, each rooted in landscapes as rich and varied as the whiskies they produce.

Berry Bros. & Rudd 2024 Glens & Valleys Collection

Berry Bros. & Rudd, the oldest wine and spirits merchant in Britain, has introduced a new spirits collection titled "A Sense of Place," which draws inspiration from iconic and vibrant landscapes across the globe and their influence on flavour. The 2024 collection, part of an annual release of curated spirits, is divided into two parts: Glens & Valleys and Coast & Shores, with each bottling reflecting the essence of its surroundings.

The first release, "Glens & Valleys," features 10 Scottish whisky distilleries, each rooted in landscapes as rich and varied as the spirits they produce. Scotland's rugged glens and serene valleys, shaped by ancient glaciers and centuries of history, provide an ideal setting for many distilleries. These locations offer abundant access to pristine water sources, which are essential for the distilling process and play a crucial role in defining the character of each whisky.

From the foothills of the Grampian mountains to the Valley of the Garioch, the Glens & Valleys series honours some of Scotland’s most scenic destinations and celebrates the heritage and artistry of the various distilleries. The second release, "Coasts & Shores," will be available in Autumn 2024, featuring a selection of whiskies and rums from iconic coastal landscapes around the world.

Felix Dear, Spirits Curator at Berry Bros. & Rudd, said: "This release is a testament to nature and craftsmanship. As you explore these whiskies, you embark on a sensory expedition through some of Scotland's most cherished and secluded spots.

"You'll find whiskies that epitomise the distinctiveness of their respective distilleries, alongside the landscape they reside in; while others have the additional influence of flavour through varied cask finishes. These special editions have been infused with distinct flavours from casks sourced through our long-standing relationships with world-class producers."

The 2024 Glens & Valleys collection will be available from 20th June 2024 and includes 25 bottling's from 10 distilleries.

Blair Athol 2011, Glen Garioch 2011, Dailuaine 2010, Glen Ord 2007 and Glenlossie 2011 will be available exclusively at www.bbr.com

Blair Athol 2011, Glenburgie 2008, Glendullan 2011 and Linkwood 2010 will be available exclusively in selected UK retail partners.

The following bottling's will be available exclusively in selected international retail partners - two sister expressions of Blair Athol 2009, Glen Spey 2009, Linkwood 2010 and Glendullan 2011 and single cask expressions of Dailuaine 2010, Glen Garioch 2011, Glen Ord 2007 and Glenlossie 2011.

The following casks will be split between selected UK and International retailers - Blair Athol 2010, Glen Elgin 2012, Glen Elgin 2008 and a Glen Garioch 2011 sister cask.

You will find many of the bottling's available f
rom specialist online whisky shops such as The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt

Berry Bros. & Rudd 2024 Glens & Valleys Collection Reviews

Blair Athol Distillery sits in the foothills of the Grampian mountains – the gateway to the Scottish Highlands. The distillery’s ancient water source flows from the slopes of Ben Vrackie, into the Allt Dour Burn – “The Burn of the Otter”.

Blair Athol, 2010, Sauternes Finish Cask #30323:

Producer's Tasting Note:

Ripe orchard fruits drenched in honey vie with vanilla, caramel and a subtle oak spice. The palate tells a tale of complexity and refinement: stewed apples and peaches, softened by the sweet caress of Sauternes, dance with ginger warmth and a hint of nutmeg. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving echoes of sweet fruit and luscious honey.

ABV: 56.3% | RRP £105
Blair Athol, 2011, Pedro Ximenez Finish Cask #304166:

Producer's Tasting Note:

On the nose, stewed plums and ripe figs emerge, accompanied by a hint of polished oak and warming spices. The palate unravels with layers of dark chocolate, raisins, and a subtle hint of mint, all beautifully integrated with Blair Athol's distinctive malty core. The finish is long and luxuriant, leaving a lingering sweetness reminiscent of a treacle tart cooling on a windowsill, with a concluding whisper of orange zest and clove.

ABV: 57.7% | RRP £100
Located in a valley beside the Speyside hamlet of Fogwatt, Glen Elgin was the last Scottish distillery established during the Victorian era. It draws its water from the nearby Millbuies Springs, a source it shares with Linkwood distillery.

Glen Elgin, 2012 Cask #807729:

Producer's Tasting Note:

The nose opens with white sugars sprinkled atop warm, homemade shortbread. Split vanilla pods reveal their seeds, intertwining with a gentle breeze of orchard freshness. Tasting reveals a note of green apple and pear, adding a crisp edge to the creamy texture. A sprinkle of white pepper introduces a medium finish, where the initial sweetness gently recedes, leaving behind a hint of floral honey.

ABV: 59% | RRP £75
Glen Elgin, 2008, Moscatel Finish Cask #805333:

Producer's Tasting Note:

This is a dram that captures the colour of dawn’s first light. Its bouquet unfolds with delicate floral whispers, beautifully adorned with sultanas and sun-dried grapes. On the palate, crisp apples and juicy pears sit atop grapey undertones, enriched by the lushness of strawberries and cream. The finish is elegant, with a subtle hint of spice and the warmth of oak, perfectly complementing the light, grapey sweetness.

ABV: 55% | RRP £115
Founded in 1797, Glen Garioch is one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries. The distillery’s founders, John and Alexander Manson, chose the “Valley of the Garioch” to build their distillery as it was known for producing the best barley in the country.

Glen Garioch, 2011, Oloroso Finish Cask #1100001332:

Producer's Tasting Note:

As you approach the glass, the air fills with the scent of autumnal orchards, where apples and pears lie nestled amongst fallen leaves. The first sip reveals sun-drenched raisins and dark chocolate, all swathed in the warmth of seasoned oak. The Oloroso cask weaves threads of nutty sweetness and spice, atop a sprinkle of cinnamon. This is a journey through the seasons, from the last golden days of summer into the heart of a fireside winter’s evening.

ABV: 56.9% | RRP £115
Located between the Speyside towns of Forres and Alves, Glenburgie sits on a site rumoured to have housed an illicit distillery in the early 19th century. Its single cask bottlings are seldom seen, but much desired.

Glenburgie, 2008, Marsala Finish Cask #87:

Producer's Tasting Note:

Stewed peaches and apricots lead the charge on the nose of this delightful whisky, with a rich undercurrent of dried fruits and butterscotch. After this initial impression, the Marsala cask's influence radiantly shines through, with dates, prunes, and crème brûlée apparent. The finish is elegantly long, with a sweetness reminiscent of caramelised nuts and dried roses.

ABV: 59.1% | RRP £105
Built during the whisky boom of the late 19th century, Glendullan Distillery is based in the “malt whisky capital” of Dufftown, sitting in a glen with the river Fiddich flowing beside it. Glendullan, in Gaelic translates to “valley of the standing stone or rock”.

Glendullan, 2011 Cask #310541:

Producer's Tasting Note:

The nose opens with a subtle blend of vanilla and green apple, leading to an oily texture on the palate that carries through ripe pear and a hint of cinnamon. As it unfolds, a slight oakiness and a whisper of white pepper add depth without dominating, culminating in a balanced and complex finish. Initially delicate and reserved, this whisky blossoms to reveal a full-bodied and richly textured character.

ABV: 58.2% | RRP £80
Founded in 1821, Linkwood is one of Speyside’s unsung heroes. The distillery is situated on the outskirts of Elgin, a town whose name is thought to derive from the Celtic word “Aille”, signifying a beautiful place or valley.

Linkwood, 2010, Pedro Ximenez Finish Cask #301242:

Producer's Tasting Note:

A rich panorama of scents unfolds, led by raisins and accented with a subtle treacle sweetness. The influence of the PX cask is evident on the palate, providing a luxurious texture that cradles the concentrated flavours of dried fruits. Spices whisper in the background, enhancing the dram’s depth without overshadowing the foundational sweetness and fruitiness.

ABV: 54.9% | RRP £105

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