Whisky Focus - Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week Nationwide Events

Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week Nationwide Events

1st November 2019
Enjoy a Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned cocktail during Old Fashioned Week, the American Bourbon whiskey has partnered with 285 bars nationwide from London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and Cardiff.

Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week Nationwide Events

If you fancy trying out a classic Old Fashioned cocktail, a versatile cocktail which can be created using a number of different styles of whisky but is more traditionally made using American Bourbon whiskey  then you are in luck as Old Fashioned Week 2019 kicks off today, 1st November, and runs through until 10th November.

The Old Fashioned is often made using American Bourbon whiskey, and for a very good reason, the stronger sweet vanilla flavours found in Bourbon whiskey are very well suited to creating a very enjoyable Old Fashioned cocktail.

One American whiskey which is very well known for being the ideal whiskey in a traditional American Bourbon Old Fashioned is Woodford Reserve and during Old Fashioned Week 2019 drinks enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados alike will have the chance to explore the rich and complex flavour profile of this beloved tipple, as some of the UK’s best bars will be serving up twists on the original recipe.

No one will feel left out or bitter, as Woodford Reserve partners with 285 bars from London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and Cardiff to showcase the importance of flavour. Thanks to its rich and full-bodied profile, Woodford Reserve will elevate and enhance this classic throughout the celebrations.


It is widely acknowledged that one’s unique flavour memory is based on the different tastes and aromatics they have experienced throughout their life. Whether you foster a sweet tooth, prefer savoury serves or have a taste for spice, there is a proven, imperceptible link between taste and memory. With over 200 detectable flavour notes, Woodford Reserve’s award-winning Distiller’s Select bourbon will bring these to life through its 5 key flavour profiles; grain, wood, sweet aromatics, fruit and floral and spice.


Made with just a handful of ingredients, the Old Fashioned cocktail demands a flavourful, American whiskey base. Often heralded as the ‘bartender’s bourbon’, being the preferred choice for the Old

Fashioned in 9 out of 10 of the world’s best bars, Woodford Reserve is working alongside some of the UK’s leading bartenders to create a map across the UK this Old Fashioned Week.

Kicking off in London, Soho institution Swift will be serving up a sweet take on an Old Fashioned called the ‘Timber’, inspired by Woodford Reserve’s sweet aromatic flavour notes. For those staying locally, check out Murder Inc’s grain influenced, ‘Oryzae Does It Mate!’ while spice lovers can head down to Discount Suit Company where they can experience a spicy, ‘Fast and Loose’ amongst Spitalfields scenesters and City pros. Finally, minimalist icons, Three Sheets, will offer a woody twist with their nutty alternative labelled ‘Whiskey + Milk’ as Islington haunt Homeboy list a fruity ‘Orchard Old Fashioned’.

Mia Johansson, co-owner of Swift, Soho comments: "Woodford Reserve really is the perfect base for all kinds of twists on the Old Fashioned, our most popular serve. We’ve taken inspiration from the 'sweet aromatics' flavour segment of Distiller’s Select - the backbone of the complex whiskey flavour – to craft a complex, wholesome Old Fashioned with notes directly from the award-winning mashbill. We’re delighted to have partnered with Woodford Reserve for Old Fashioned Week and look forward to welcoming cocktail lovers from across the country."

Where to enjoy Woodford Reserve this Old Fashioned Week:

1. Bermondsey Pub Company (60 venues)
2. Be At One (38 venues)
3. Brasserie Blanc and White Brasserie Company (36 venues)
4. Browns (24 venues)
5. Malmaison (14 venues)

1. London Edition
2. Maison Bab
3. Dishoom
4. Mr Fogg’s Tavern
5. Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals
6. London Cocktail Club
7. Murder Inc.
8. Swift
9. Homeboy
10. Three Sheets
11. Discount Suit Company

1. Bar Brass at Hotel Gotham
2. Science and Industry
3. Wood & Co
4. Cottonopolis

1. Filthy XIII
3. Red Light

1. Kelvingrove Café

1. The Voyage of Buck
2. The Last Word Saloon

1. Lab 22
2. Mocka Lounge

If you you are feeling creative and you fancy making your own Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned at home you will find the current Woodford Reserve whiskey range as well as a good selection of bitters and syrups available from specialist online whisky retailers such as The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop and Master of Malt

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