Whisky Focus - Craigellachie 2011 Whisky Illuminati Solaria Series 1 of 3 Review

Craigellachie 2011 Whisky Illuminati Solaria Series Review

13th September 2019
Review of the Craigellachie 2011 Cask No.900328 from the Whisky Illuminati Solaria Series.

Craigellachie 2011 Whisky Illuminati Solaria Series 1 of 3Craigellachie 2011 Cask No.900328 from independent bottler Whisky Illuminati's Solaria Series is the first of three releases from cask No.900328 with a further 2 releases from the same cask scheduled to be drawn and bottled over the next four years.

The new Solaria Series aims to give whisky enthusiasts the opportunity to explore how Scotch whisky evolves in the cask over time, thanks to its three-part bottling. Following this first edition (1:3) release in 2019, there will be a second release in 2021, with the final batch set for release in 2023.

Craigellachie 2011 Single Cask No.900328 bottling 1 of 3 has been fully matured in a First Fill Spanish Oak Sherry Hogshead.

The Craigellachie 2011 Solaria Series it is non chill-filtered, naturally coloured and has been bottled at a higher than normal cask strength than we would normally see from any bottler, 67.9% ABV.

This first batch of the Craigellachie 2011 Solaria Series is a release of only 100 bottles and is available from from specialist whisky shops such as Master of Malt

William Morrison's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Creamy vanilla, a touch of slightly honeyed candied orange, brazil nut toffee and just the very slightest wee hint of spirity sulphur reminds you that this is a Craigellachie whisky.

Taste: Spiced orange and toffee tantalise the mouth turbo charged by the 67.9% ABV, burnt raisins, the very gentlest  touch of smoke, malty, some vibrant oak spice again boosted by the bottling strength

Finish: Very long and lingering with delicious orange and spice from the palate with the longest staying power.

Comment: Other than the very slight touch of sulphur which Craigellachie is known for this would be quite unrecognisable as a Craigellachie, which can be a good thing and isn't that the point of an indie bottler, to offer something off the normal beaten track of the original distillery bottlings. This is still a work in progress which may yet come very good, it will be interesting to see how this develops come the 2nd and 3rd batches.

SMW Score 83/100

You can find the Whisky Illuminati Solaria Series 1 of 3 Single Cask releases available from specialist whisky retailers such as Master of Malt

Whisky Illuminati Solaria Series 1 of 3 Reviews

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